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Virtual Reality
Three different main VR categories
How VR differs from AR
Application and Uses
What is Virtual Reality?
What is Dekstop-based virtual reality?
What is the name of the virtual reality headset?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What is VR

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We live in an advanced world, where innovation happens every second. One of the main reasons the human race is so developed is innovation. Innovation in the field of Technology has been the key feature in the growth and advancement of humans. "The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art" - John Lasseter. In this article, we will be discussing one of the topics that are no less than art Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

You might have seen in various Sci-Fi movies like in Iron Man Series and the Star Trek series, where they interact with some 3D objects using some helmet. So, Virtual Reality is a system that uses computer modeling and simulation, which enable a person to interact with an artificial 3D visual and other sensory environments. The environment we perceive through a device is a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. It allows us to involve ourselves in video games as one of the characters.

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Three different main VR categories

  • Non-Immersive Virtual Reality: This category is frequently ignored because VR is so popular. Non-immersive VR uses a computer-generated virtual environment in which users are both aware of and controlled by their physical surroundings. Video games represent Non-immersive VR.
  • Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality: This sort of VR delivers a partially based experience in a virtual world. With graphics computing and large projector systems, such as flight simulators for pilot trainees, this type of VR makes sense for educational and training reasons.
  • Fully Immersive Virtual Reality: There are no fully immersive VR technologies available now, but technological advancements are so fast that they could be right around the corner. This sort of VR creates the most realistic simulation experience from sight to sound to olfactory sensations. Car racing games are an example of immersive virtual reality that provides users with a sense of speed and driving ability. VR is increasingly being used in industries other than gaming and entertainment.

The definition of virtual technology includes specific shared characteristics. They are immersive, but they're also computer-generated, multidimensional, and interactive.

How VR differs from AR

Application and Uses

  1. Training: One of the critical use of the VR is employee training. It requires a headset, and it can also be done at home. This experience makes employees deliver a unique experience that isn't feasible otherwise. VR makes sense in education and is interactive. This has also become a valuable tool in corporate training.
  2. Travel: To give you a better experience, hotels can give you an inside look to know what you expect. VR comes pretty much handy in high-end travel, such as luxury resorts.
  3. Real Estate: Developers can make 3D models to simulate life inside. VR works both ways for homes and commercial properties. It also helps tenants to know their place before shifting.
  4. Healthcare: Various health practitioners and researchers use VR to diagnose problems in their patients. VR gives an edge to diagnosing a defect early. It is already in use for surgical training.
  5. Entertainment: One of the main reasons to develop is to enhance enjoyment. Gaming and Hollywood have allowed users to view the cinematics much differently.


What is Virtual Reality?

It's a simulated experience that can be similar or different from the real world. 

What is Dekstop-based virtual reality?

Desktop-based virtual reality involves displaying 3D virtual worlds on a regular desktop display without specialized VR equipment.

What is the name of the virtual reality headset?

Sony was the one who announced its code name PlayStation VR, a virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 video gaming console.


In this part of the blog, we have discussed what VR is. We also talked about how VR came into reality and its different aspects. We also discussed what its future would look like. We also are thinking about what advancement it could bring when VR is readily available to the common masses.If you want to explore such a topic, please visit Passion for AR & VR leads to Snake Snack Game.

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