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Table of contents
About Wipro
Benefits and Perks
Roles Offered by Wipro
System Engineer at Wipro
Software Developer at Wipro
Data Scientist at Wipro
Business Analyst at Wipro
Eligibility Criteria
Recruitment Process
Preparation Strategy
Syllabus for the Roles 
System Engineer at Wipro
Software Developer at Wipro
Data Scientist at Wipro
Business Analyst at Wipro
Resources for Preparation
 Interview Resources
   Coding Resources
   Aptitude Resources
   Technical Resources
Interview Experience
Frequently Asked Questions
What does Wipro stand for?
Mention the roles Wipro hires candidates for.
How many rounds of interviews does Wipro take to hire candidates?
Does Wipro pay during the training period?
What are the benefits of working at Wipro?
How long is the training period of Wipro?
Does Wipro provide Work from home facility?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Wipro Preparation Guide

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Want to join big tech giants like Wipro but don't have any preparation guide, then don't worry about it. You are at the right place. Coding Ninjas has prepared a preparation guide for you.

Wipro Preparation Guide

Let's go ahead with the Wipro Preparation Guide and learn more about Wipro.

About Wipro

Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited, known as Wipro, is an Indian multinational company with its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. Wipro has customers in more than 160+ countries. It provides services in various sectors like consulting, Information Technology, business analytics, and many more. 

Wipro is known for the way of innovation it provides to clients. It gives solutions to business clients and meets their requirements.

Wipro is known to hire freshers and recruiters and is a mass recruiting company for freshers.

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Benefits and Perks

Wipro offers their employees lots of benefits and perks. Some of the perks are discussed below: 

Benefits and Perks
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Bonus and Increment
  • Training and guidance 
  • International Reallocation
  • Snacks and meals
  • Gym and celebration
  • Loans and retirement plans 

Roles Offered by Wipro

In this Wipro Preparation guide, we will discuss the roles offered by Wipro. We will also learn about the responsibilities of these roles.

Roles offered by Wipro

Wipro hires candidates for the below roles:

System Engineer at Wipro

Wipro hires freshers for the System Engineer role. As a system engineer at Wipro, you must have strong knowledge of programming languages such as  CPython, or C++They are primarily responsible for configuration and implementing IT automation to increase efficiency.


  • To evaluate the systems and provide the necessary updates in the system.
  • Interact with the development team and discuss the IT issues in the system.
  • Quickly resolve technical issues.
  • Perform engineering analysis and provide fast resolutions to the problem.
  • Examine the existing solutions and provide support to the IT staff.

Software Developer at Wipro

Wipro hires freshers and experienced candidates as software developers. The primary responsibility of a software engineer is to develop the software and troubleshoot the bugs and errors. You must have a strong understanding of programming languages with useful information on operating systems and networking.


  • Understand the complex issues in developing the software and help provide solutions.
  • Write clean and readable code. Reviewing the code of other developers.
  • Work on new technologies and increase the efficiency of the software using the updated technologies.
  • Troubleshooting the bugs and errors during the whole process of software development. Designing, developing, modifying, and maintaining the software according to the functional and non-functional requirements of the client.

Data Scientist at Wipro

Wipro hires candidates for data scientist roles. As a data scientist at Wipro, you should know  PythonMachine Learning, and Data Analysis. As a data scientist, you are primarily responsible for interpreting and collecting data and solving complex problems using programming and analytical skills.


  • Working with various programming languages and interpreting the data collection.
  • Collecting large amounts of data and finding some profitable solutions to business.
  • Creating efficient models and providing quality data or products to clients.
  • Create patterns and synchronize the data correctly.
  • Collaborating and interacting with clients and IT fields.

Business Analyst at Wipro

Wipro hires candidates for business analyst roles. You will be responsible for fulfilling the operational business targets as a business analyst. You should know Data Protection, data software tools, and hands-on practice on Tableau. 

Enriching customers' experience and collaborating with different teams to work on business growth. 


  • Evaluating the business data and gaining insights from the data.
  • Communicating complex issues and analyses to the stakeholders verbally and written.
  • Creating bar charts and presentations and converting user needs and requirements into a presentable and documented format.
  • Analyzing business issues and providing recommendations and opportunities for the growth of a business.
  • Create and develop tools to perform on-demand analysis of the users' needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Let's go ahead with the Wipro Preparation Guide and learn about the eligibility criteria for applying at Wipro.

These are the general criteria that every candidate should fulfil to apply at Wipro.

Academic Criteria

Completed a bachelor's degree or master's in the relevant field. An equivalent experience of 4 years or an undergraduate degree.

Class 10th Marks 

60% or CGPA 6.0 or above

Class 12th Marks 

60% or CGPA 6.0 or above

Graduation or PG

60% or CGPA 6.0 or above

Graduation Type 

Graduation or PG in B.Tech or M.Tech with all engineering branches eligible

Backlog Criteria

You should not have any active backlogs before applying.


Candidate should not have given any interview at Wipro last 6 months before applying.

Year Gap

Between 10th and graduation maximum of 3 years of a gap is allowed.

Recruitment Process

In this Wipro Preparation guide, we will also learn about the recruitment process of Wipro. 

Recruitment Process at Wipro

There are a total of 3 stages in which Wipro hires candidates.

1️Online Test

Wipro conducts an online assessment test. In this online assessment, you are asked questions on aptitude, reasonings, OOPs concepts, cloud computing, operating system, networking, and many other cloud fundamentals.

2️Technical Round 

After the online assessment, the selected students are eligible for the technical round. There is a face-face interview round where the interviewer asks candidates easy-medium difficulty questions. You may ask theoretical as well as coding questions. The interviewer lasts for about 30-45 minutes. 

3️. HR round 

The last and final round is the managerial round. The HR round generally consists of basic HR questions and behavioral questions. 

The common questions might be.

Tell me about yourself.

Where do you see yourself after five years?

Why do you want to join Wipro?

What are your weaknesses and strengths?

How will you deal with time management?

If your Manager is unhappy with your work, how will you deal with this situation?

Check out Wipro Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

Preparation Strategy

It is important to have a preparation plan when you are preparing yourself for interviews. In this Wipro Preparation guide, we will discuss a Preparation strategy that will help you conduct your interviews.

  • Get hands-on practice in aptitude, quantitative, and reasoning. The online assessment of Wipro has numerous questions on aptitude and reasoning.
  • Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals. Learn operating systems, networking, OOPs concepts, DBMS, and computer science subjects. The technical and online assessment has questions based on the above topics. 
  • Get yourself well-prepared for coding questions. Practice easy - medium-level questions on Code Studio. Practice important topics like Array, String, Stack, Queue, Trees, LinkedList, Sorting algorithms, etc., for interviews. 
  • Add relevant projects and experience to your resume. Ensure to do projects on the latest technologies as it increases more chances for your selection.
  • Give mock interviews and practice well on your communication skills.
  • Connect with employees working with Wipro. Ask them for referrals and get information on the technologies Wipro is currently using in their projects.

You can check out the video below to get a clear roadmap for DSA, development, etc which will ace your preparation.

Syllabus for the Roles 

Wipro Preparation guide has perfectly curated the syllabus you need to prepare for the above-mentioned roles.


System Engineer at Wipro

  • Programming language. C, C++, Java, Python, or any other.
  • Knowledge of Operating Systems and networking.
  • Hands-on experience with Windows and Linux environments.
  • Sound knowledge of computer systems and their working.
  • Knowledge of DSA. 

Software Developer at Wipro

  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Strong understanding of OOPs concepts.
  • Skilled in Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Knowledge of DBMS, Operating systems, and networking subjects.

Data Scientist at Wipro

  • Knowledge of Hadoop SPARK, NLP(natural language processing), and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of PythonMachine Learningand Data Analysis.
  • Understanding of software architecture and data structures.
  • Hands-on experience with R, Julia, MATLAB, Pandas, Python, and database languages like SQL.

Business Analyst at Wipro

Resources for Preparation

Don't worry about preparation. Coding ninjas have well-structured and well-planned courses just for you. The below resources will help you in your preparation and will help you to get the job.

 Interview Resources

   Coding Resources

   Aptitude Resources

   Technical Resources

Interview Experience

In the Wipro preparation guide, we have some interview experiences which will help you better understand and will give you a glance at the interviews at Wipro. The below candidates are successfully placed at Wipro.

Anuj Singh Saxena Interview Experience

Manu Singhal Interview Experience

Karan Singh Interview Experience

Shubham Mahajan Interview Experience

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wipro stand for?

Wipro is known as Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited. It is an Indian multinational organization with its headquarters in Bengaluru.

Mention the roles Wipro hires candidates for.

Wipro hires candidates for many different roles. The most common roles are system engineer, software developer, project manager, project engineer, data scientist, business analyst, and many others. 

How many rounds of interviews does Wipro take to hire candidates?

Wipro takes a total of 3 rounds of interviews to hire candidates. The first is the online test, the next is the technical interview, and the final is the managerial interview.

Does Wipro pay during the training period?

Yes. Wipro provides a stipend to the candidates during the training period. The amount is non-taxable and is less than the full-time employment salary.

What are the benefits of working at Wipro?

Wipro provides a lot of benefits to its employees. Some of them are maternity/paternity leave, training, guidance, international reallocation, free snacks and meal, and many more. 

How long is the training period of Wipro?

There is a total of 6 months training period at Wipro. After the training period, you get a full-time employment offer at Wipro.

Does Wipro provide Work from home facility?

Wipro has recently adopted a hybrid policy of working at home and in the office. It can differ from team to team and depending on the project requirement.


In this Wipro preparation guide, we have discussed every detail you need to know before joining Wipro. We started with the introduction of Wipro. We looked at the benefits and perks, the roles and responsibilities, the preparation strategy, and many other details.

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Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enrol in our coursesrefer to the mock test and problems look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Coding!

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