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Problem Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a puzzle?
What are the advantages of solving puzzles?
How to solve a direction-based puzzle?
If, with a full tank, each plane can travel one complete round of a world trip, how many maximum rounds can the plane1 travel?
What’s the maximum distance covered the plane2 and plane3 in the above question?
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World Trips

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Interview Puzzles


Puzzles are critical thinking problems that test a person's lateral thinking and problem-solving skills, similar to brain teasers. These types of puzzle questions are commonly used by interviewers to assess a potential employee's ability to solve complex problems using strategies and higher-order thinking to determine their fit for the company. Given below is a number sequence puzzle.

Problem Statement

Consider three similar airplanes starting at the same airport. Every plane has a fuel tank that holds just enough fuel to allow the aircraft to travel half the distance around the world. These airplanes possess the unique ability to transfer energy between their tanks in mid-flight.

What is the maximum around-the-world trips that airplane1 can make?

  • Case 1: The answer is an integer. Just put the number without any decimal places if it's an integer. Suppose the answer is Infinity, write Infinity.
  • Case 2: Floating point number. Round it off to two decimal places and write it as I. xx, where “I” is the integer part of the solution, and xx are two decimal digits after rounding off.
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We know that the earth is round in shape. All the planes are at the same airport. Let’s name them “airplane1” (Yellow), “airplane2” (Green), and “airplane3 (Blue)” respectively. See the diagram given below: 


illustration image


Firstly, airplane1 and airplane2 take off in an east-bound direction, and after traveling a quarter of the globe, both airplanes' tanks are half-empty, so airplane2 transfers all of its remaining fuel to airplane1 and lands on the ground. Now, airplane1 has a full tank once again. Once airplane1 traveled half of the world, airplane3 takes off in the west-bound direction and meets airplane1 when airplane1 has traveled three-quarters of the way around the globe. Now, at this point, airplane1's tank is empty, and airplane3's tank is half-empty. Now, airplane3 transfers all its remaining fuel to airplane1, airplane1 travels the remaining last quarter of the globe and lands on the ground.

Hence, airplane1 can travel a maximum of one round of world trips with the help of airplane2 and airplane3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a puzzle?

A puzzle is a game of words, toys, questions, etc., that helps in increasing our problem-solving ability.

What are the advantages of solving puzzles?

Solving puzzles enhances the problem-solving skills of a person. It also improves the logic building of a person.

How to solve a direction-based puzzle?

For solving a direction-based puzzle question, first draw the four directions north, east-west, and south. Then imagine the movements in the real world and imagine the shape of the world or globe while solving.

If, with a full tank, each plane can travel one complete round of a world trip, how many maximum rounds can the plane1 travel?

Then airplane1 can travel three complete rounds of the world trip. In this case, airplane2 and airplane3 with stay in their initial airport. When airplane1 comes, it will take airplane2 fuel, and in the next round, it will take airplane3 fuel. 

What’s the maximum distance covered the plane2 and plane3 in the above question?

Both airplane2 and airplane3 have traveled one-quarter of the world trip in the above case.


In this article, we discussed the interview-based puzzle. The puzzle is based on a word problem in which we find the maximum world trip done by the airplane1. With a full tank, aiplane1 can travel half of the world; following this, and with given two more airplanes, we find the maximum world trip is made by airplane1.

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