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Key Differences
What is YII?
Advantages of YII
Disadvantages of YII
What is Codeigniter?
Advantages of CodeIgniter
Disadvantages of CodeIgniter
YII vs CodeIgniter
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we use a PHP framework?
Is PHP front end or back end?
Is PHP Hard to Learn? 
What is better, PHP or Python?
Should I learn PHP or NodeJS?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

YII vs Codeigniter

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Have you ever worked in PHP, a top-notch scripting language for the server side? Have you used any PHP framework for boosting an application's performance? This article focuses on two of PHP's frameworks, Yii and CodeIgniter. 

Yii, which stands for "Yes It Is," is an incredibly powerful framework for building complex web applications based on components. It is a well-known open-source framework with several issues in earlier iterations (1.0 and 1.1).

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CodeIgniter is also a PHP Framework. Developers use CodeIgniter to make complete and dynamic web programmes quickly. It is applied to quicken the development process. CodeIgniter is a web framework that supports high-performing libraries, plugins, and user-friendly interfaces to assist developers in overcoming challenging PHP development issues.

We will focus on Yii vs Codeigniter. We will study both frameworks with their advantages and disadvantages in detail. We will compare them as well based on some parameters. Let's see all these things in more detail.

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Key Differences

  • CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC or Model-View-Controller framework, but Yii is a fully web-based framework for development.
  • Yii and CodeIgniter both follow MVC or Model-View-Controller Structure, but Yii has a strict name convention for files.
  • Yii supports CRUD Generation using Gii, but CodeIgniter does not support CRUD generation.
  • CodeIgniter has a PHPUnit as a testing library, but Yii has a PHPUnit and Selenium as a testing library.
  • CodeIgniter will be very good if you are a beginner, but Yii has many developer-friendly features for experienced developers.
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What is YII?

yii framework

Yii is a robust PHP framework for creating large-scale and small-scale PHP applications. Yii and other PHP frameworks make it easier for developers to quickly create a completely online application. You can operate websites in a fully functional manner after installing Yii on the system. This framework offers CRUDing capabilities (creating, reading, updating, and deleting).

Advantages of YII

  • Yii is a PHP framework that supports model-view-controller (MVC). The specially created controller links all the different libraries and packages. You may create web applications that are more resilient and reliable by separating the database server from the user using this framework. Finally, it proposes a systematic approach to the creation of applications.
  • Yii allows PHP developers the functionality to design highly efficient web applications with the help of simple, elegant caching functionality. Yii creates optimized web apps to deliver a great user experience on smart devices.
  • This framework uses a comprehensive range of security precautions to protect your website against the attacks like SQL injection, cookie tampering, cross-site request forgery or CSRF, and cross-site scripting or CSS.
  • The framework has effective logging and error-handling systems. Additionally, it has methods for theming and skinning websites, which can change their appearance.

Disadvantages of YII

  • Expert and knowledgeable PHP developers can work on this framework. Managing the web app on this PHP framework may be challenging for novice programmers. 
  • Only knowledgeable and skilled PHP developers can work on the framework. It may be difficult for new programmers to manage the web application built on the Yii PHP framework.

What is Codeigniter?


Codeigniter is a complete collection of tools, libraries, and components. The pre-installed framework libraries provide comprehensive documentation, integrated security features, and database abstraction. These libraries don't require installation. It has an extensive active user base. CodeIgniter is one of the widely used MVC-based PHP frameworks.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • The Codeigniter framework depends on the Model-View-Control model, distinguishing the business report from the data presentation coating. Direct information storage in the database is made possible by the Models, which link the database with queries. It enables you to present content to end users in a format they can view.
  • You can implement page and database caching using the framework. It aids PHP developers in speeding up online applications. The Database Caching Class helps you reduce the database demand by caching database requests as simple text files.
  • CodeIgniter helps you to protect your web app against security threats like cross-site scripting (CSS) attacks, remote code execution, and SQL injection.
  • You can extend the CodeIgniter in many ways, like Custom libraries, third-party plug-ins or add-ons, and class extensions. Using this framework, you may create essential libraries quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter

  • PHP programmers are employed by businesses to create understandable, comprehensible code. The firm can maintain, modify, and upgrade the web app rapidly in the future thanks to the high quality and straightforward code. However, CodeIgniter does not, by default, enable the modular separation of code, unlike most PHP frameworks.
  • It allows you to only install the libraries that the web application requires. CodeIgniter's libraries are not as comprehensive as those created by other contemporary PHP frameworks.

Now, after a brief introduction to both frameworks. Now let's do yii vs CodeIgniter. In the Yii vs CodeIgniter, we will compare them based on some parameters and features. 

YII vs CodeIgniter

Let's see the comparison between Yii and CodeIgniter using some parameters. 

Parameters Yii CodeIgniter
Structures & Updates It follows a strict MVC approach. It has a strict naming convention for files. It uses MVC or model-view-controller structure. It provides easy onboarding.
Database Integration It provides decent database support, including SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other Relational Database Management Systems. It provides Relational Databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL by default.
Libraries Yii is an oldish framework. That is why it has many online tutorials available for users. CodeIgniter provides many built-in functionalities to users. Their website has a very handy guide for users. 
Ease of Development Yii has an automatic code generation feature which makes development much faster. You can do this by using its extension named “gii.” It is easy to learn, which is why it has the least troubling learning curve.

Now, let's do Yii vs CodeIgniter using some mandatory features. 

Features Yii CodeIgniter
Programming Language PHP PHP, JavaScript
Template Language PHP Proprietary PHP Smarty Twig
License MIT License New BSD License
Database Model Relational Object-Oriented Relational Object-Oriented
Programming Paradigm Component Oriented Object-Oriented Event Driven
Supported Version Control System Git SubVersion, Github Git Subversion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use a PHP framework?

You can use a PHP framework to reduce development time because frameworks can automate many tasks.

Is PHP front end or back end?

PHP is a back-end language, also known as the scripting language. When any user request a PHP page, the server parses the PHP code. In most cases, it results in dynamically created HTML.

Is PHP Hard to Learn? 

No, PHP is one of the more accessible programming languages to learn. This is because PHP has a robust ecosystem of resources available for beginners and a syntax that forgives beginners.

What is better, PHP or Python?

Python is better for long-term projects. PHP is initially simple to use and has a relatively short learning curve. Python uses pretty strict indentation enforcements. This makes it more readable than PHP.

Should I learn PHP or NodeJS?

While PHP may feel faster to code, Node js provides a much better application speed. It has a non-blocking IO model that allows developers to deploy software that performs significantly quicker.


In this article, we have studied about the two of PHP's frameworks, Yii and CodeIgniter. We have done yii vs codeigniter. We have studied both frameworks with their advantages and disadvantages in detail. We have compared them as well based on some parameters.

We hope that this article has provided you with the help to enhance your knowledge regarding CodeIgniter and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on pagination-class-in-codeigniter and crud-in-codeigniter.

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