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Trie Implementation

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Problem statement

Implement a Trie Data Structure which supports the following three operations:

Operation 1 - insert(word) - To insert a string WORD in the Trie.

Operation 2-  search(word) - To check if a string WORD is present in Trie or not.

Operation 3-  startsWith(word) - To check if there is a string that has the prefix WORD.

Trie is a data structure that is like a tree data structure in its organisation. It consists of nodes that store letters or alphabets of words, which can be added, retrieved, and deleted from the trie in a very efficient way.

In other words, Trie is an information retrieval data structure, which can beat naive data structures like Hashmap, Tree, etc in the time complexities of its operations.

The above figure is the representation of a Trie. New words that are added are inserted as the children of the root node. 

Alphabets are added in the top to bottom fashion in parent to children hierarchy. Alphabets that are highlighted with blue circles are the end nodes that mark the ending of a word in the Trie.

For Example:-
Type = ["insert", "search"], Query = ["coding", "coding].
We return ["null", "true"] as coding is present in the trie after 1st operation.
Detailed explanation ( Input/output format, Notes, Images )
Sample Input 1 :
insert insert search search startWith
coding ninjas coding ninja ninja
Sample Output 1 :
null null true false true
Explanation to Sample Input 1 :
Query 1: "coding" is inserted

Query 2: "ninjas" is inserted

Query 3: "true" is printed as "coding" is present

Query 4: "false" is printed as "ninja" is not present, but "ninjas" is present.

Query 5: "true" is printed as there is a word "ninjas" that starts with "ninja".
Sample Input 2 :
insert search startWith
book books b
Sample Output 2 :
null false true
Constraints :
1 <= 'Q' <= 10^4
1 <= | WORD | <= 2000
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