What is Accenture Mock Test?

The Accenture Mock Test Series can be used for online practice for the actual Accenture hiring test. Students can use the mock test series to improve their exam preparation.

It is very likely that you will perform well in the actual Accenture exam if you treat the mock tests as actual tests. You should practice the Accenture coding mock test instead of simply memorizing concepts. This can also help you analyze your weak points. 

Accenture coding mock test will help you in developing an effective study strategy to ace the actual exam.


Features of Accenture online Assessment Test

Practicing Accenture online mock test series can benefit you in many ways. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Accenture Mock Test series covers all the sections frequently asked in the Accenture exam.
  • To practice coding in a similar time-constrained environment focused by Accenture.
  • To focus on the concepts that are asked in the Accenture exam.
  • To enhance your coding & problem-solving skills in different areas that are assessed in the Accenture exam.


Accenture Mock test Pattern

Below is the table providing all the in-depth details about the exam pattern. 

StageTypeWhat's tested?# QuestionsDuration 
Round 1Cognitive and Technical Assessment

Cognitive - English Ability, Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning


Technical - Pseudocoding, Common Application, and MS Office, Networking Security and Cloud

9090 minutes
Round 2CodingFundamentals of Programming - any language of choice between C/ C++/ Java/ Python/ Dot Net245 minutes
Round 3Communication TestPronunciation, Fluency, Sentence Mastery, and VocabularyNAApprox 20 minutes
Round 4InterviewLearning Agility and Communication - Tested by panel membersVaries from candidate to candidateApprox 30 minutes

Subjects Covered in Accenture mock test online

The following subjects are repeatedly asked in the Accenture exam and should not be ignored while preparing for the exam.

  • Reasoning 
  • Fundamental of Networking & MS Office
  • Pseudo Code
  • Verbal Ability

Benefits of using mock test for Accenture

Practicing Accenture online mock tests can benefit you in many ways. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Getting a good idea of the real test pattern and reducing exam anxiety.
  2. Time-bound practice to improve speed.
  3. Knowledge of what to expect in the actual exam.
  4. Improve your exam performance by remembering basic concepts.
  5. Revise the entire exam syllabus.
  6. Become familiar with the question paper's style and scope.