Adobe Online Assessment Test

Adobe hires software engineers in its hiring program through a series of online rounds and interviews at various stages. The first stage of this hiring process is the adobe online assessment test which generally consists of Aptitude and Coding assessments. Adobe online assessment test tests you on your aptitude skills such as reasoning based on permutation and combination (for example, in seating arrangements, balls and boxes), statistical analysis, data interpretation, graphical computations like finding the area of an enclosed figure, interest calculations such as compound interest, principal calculations, etc. Adobe online assessment test also consists of a coding round in continuation with the aptitude test. The coding round consists of subjective programming questions. These questions can be solved from a decent knowledge of any one of the programming languages and data structures, and algorithms. The questions can be of a wide variety, including mathematical, matrix-related, simple data structures such as stack, queue, linked-list related, and standard algorithms such as DFS, BFS, etc. Depending upon the competition, the threshold of selection is accordingly decided, and the candidates are called for interviews. These interviews can be online or offline at the Adobe Noida office or any other offline centre as decided by the hiring managers and interviewers. Further process of applying at Adobe for software engineering positions is discussed below.


Adobe Online Test Application Process


The Adobe entry-level hiring process for software engineers consists of several steps as mentioned below:

  • Apply online at Adobe Careers Page.
    • A lot of open opportunities are mentioned at the careers page of Adobe.
    • Submit your CV along with the other required details and documents carefully. Your CV should be created appropriately in accordance with the job role.
    • Be thorough with the job role as questions relating to the same may be asked in adobe online assessment or interviews.
  • CV evaluation happens at the next stage where your experience or skills are matched against the job description and you are invited to take adobe online test accordingly if matched.
  • In the third stage, you will be invited for the adobe online assessment which is a writing-based assessment.
    • This adobe online assessment consists of aptitude and coding questions as explained above.
    • Your code may also be checked for quality such as comments and readability. However, the first priority is always to get maximum test cases passed.
  • A variable number of interview rounds are conducted if you successfully clear the adobe online assessment round. The number of rounds sometimes depends on the level of your performance in the previous stage. Adobe conducts a maximum of 5-7 interview rounds.
  • If you successfully clear the interviews, finally HR discussion is scheduled to test your core values such as team leadership and accountability, and work dynamics through personal, conditional and company-related questions

Careers after Adobe online assessment test


Adobe opens a lot of engineering job opportunities post clearance of the adobe online assessment test. You will be informed of the final decision and offer based on the outcomes of the interviews and Adobe's online assessment test, as well as the position you have applied for. Numerous positions, including Software Development Engineer (SDE) for new hires and summer and winter internships at Adobe, are made available to you through the Adobe online assessment test. Additionally, the Adobe online assessment provides positions for Full Stack Developer, Quality Engineer, System Test Engineers, System Integrators, Senior Software Engineer, etc.


Subjects Covered in Adobe online assessment


A wide range of subjects are covered in the Adobe online assessment test. The online assessment consists of aptitude as well as programming questions. The aptitude consists of standard calculations that can be done quickly. The aptitude round consists of 50 minutes in general to be completed in a span of 45 minutes.  

Most Aptitude questions as explained before are from:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Graph Computations
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Logical Reasoning

The programming section can consists of questions from a variety of topics such as:

  • Arrays
  • Stack, Queues, and Linked-list
  • Greedy algorithms
  • Trees
    • Tree Traversals
  • Graph Algorithms such as DFS, BFS, Dijkstra, Bellman Ford Algorithms, etc.
  • Prims and Kruskal Minimum Spanning trees
  • Binary Search
  • String-related such as substrings, valid parentheses, etc.


Benefits of using Adobe Online Test Series

To crack Adobe online assessment, the key is to practice.

  • Naukri Code 360’s Adobe Online Test Series contains Adobe mock test questions that are previously asked in Adobe online assessments and similar questions. 
  • This will help you to not only prepare for Adobe SDE job opportunities but also test your current progress and status.
  • Adobe mock test presents a very similar environment to that of Adobe online assessment platform. This will help you get familiar to the test interfaces before the actual assessment and hence save time.
  • Adobe mock test questions are standard programming questions helping you gain better insight as to how a programming question is presented to the candidate. The input and output constraints, sample test cases and description give you the glimpse of how a programming question is presented.
  • The editor at Adobe mock test has all standard features to assist you while writing coding solutions such as auto-completion, highlighting, etc..
  • You can also see your previous submissions in the same interface.