Amazon Online Assessment Test

Amazon online assessment is a combination of coding and behavioral questions. It is an online test series used as a filter for software engineer positions. You will go through this selection funnel if you have applied for any internship or a full-time role at Amazon.

Practice Amazon online assessment mock test series to prepare yourself for the amazon online coding round. The round focuses on Amazon’s most frequently asked sub-topics like dynamic programming, binary trees, and many more. Prepare to qualify for the onsite interviews with Amazon.

Amazon Online Test Application Process

The Amazon application process is extremely easy but it's hard to ace the test rounds. The first step is to apply for the jobs through the amazon jobs portal. Candidates are then shortlisted according to their resumes and the amazon online test link is sent to their emails. Resume shortlisting is done through ATS(Application Tracking System). So make sure your resume is ATS friendly.

Careers after amazon online assessment test

After you complete the amazon online assessment test, you may be required to participate in phone or onsite interviews. These interviews will further test your coding skills. Once you qualify the hiring process. Amazon provides many opportunities both in terms of job function and location.

The company is made up of several business areas further divided into teams. You may choose to work in teams of Alexa, AWS, e-commerce, payments, and many more. You will find plenty of opportunities available in IT, software development, and various other tech roles at Amazon. 


Subjects Covered in Amazon online assessment

The following list covers all the important topics covered in the Amazon online test.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms with a focus on Dynamic Programming, Trees, and Priority queues.
  • Work Style Assessment.
  • Amazon’s Leadership Qualities.
  • CS Fundamentals like OS, DBMS, CN, Aptitude, and various Puzzles may be optional.


Benefits of using Amazon Online Test Series

Practicing Amazon's online test series can benefit you in many ways. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • To enhance your coding & problem-solving skills.
  • To practice coding in a time-constrained environment.
  • To focus on the concepts that are frequently asked by Amazon.
  • To tackle online coding tests, phone, and onsite interviews with Amazon.
  • To help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in different areas that are assessed by Amazon.