Google Online Assessment Test

Google’s hiring process for software engineer roles involves Google Online Assessment Test as one of the initial stages. Google’s hiring process is a true measure of self-reflection. Google's hiring process is transparent and while they search for a skilled candidate, it also searches for passion and curiosity in the candidate. One of the first steps in the Google hiring process is resume shortlisting. Post resume selection, if your resume gets shortlisted, you will be invited for taking Google Online Assessment which is an elimination round. Google online assessment test can be quite challenging and it will test your problem solving capabilities in limited time. It is a timed test and it is really hard to submit all the solutions in the given time.Most Google Online Assessment Test involves programming problem solving questions. They most often involve application of knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Graph algorithms are often asked in Google online assessment test. It involves intricate application of algorithms and observations to solve the problem. A general overview of the Google online assessment test reveals it is of 90 minutes and contains two programming questions. Let’s deep dive into the hiring process at Google further below.

Google Online Test Application Process

Google online test application process starts with searching for a suitable role at Google. Google careers portal features a careers search tool which helps you find suitable or relevant positions currently open at Google.  After you find a suitable opening at Google, fill the job application form corresponding to it and submit basic details along with your resume. The resume must contain relevant projects and experiences related to the position you are applying for. Apart from this, the form may contain some motivational questions such as “Why do you want to join Google?”, “What are your key experiences that make your candidature stand apart from other candidates?”, etc. Post resume selection, you will receive a Google online assessment invite which is a programming round testing data structures and algorithms knowledge of the candidate. If you clear the coding round successfully, you will be called for virtual or onsite interview rounds at Google.

Careers after Google online assessment test

Based on the final result of the Google online assessment test and interviews, and the role you have applied for, you will receive the final decision and offer. Google online assessment test opens a lot of roles for you such as Software Development Engineer (SDE) for freshers, Summer and Winter internships at Google, etc. Google offers the position of SDE to freshers if they successfully clear the hiring process. It is one of the most important and sought after roles for freshers. Beside this, the work of a Software Engineer at Google is at the core of whatever Google products offer. Google online assessment test also opens the role of Test Engineer, System Integrator, Staff Software Engineer, Software Engineer II, Software Engineer III, Software Engineer Manager, etc.

Subjects Covered in Google online assessment

A high-level breakdown of the type of questions asked in the Google hiring process reveals Google stresses on the knowledge of data structures and algorithms and tests the System Design skills of the candidates during interviews. However, the coding questions during the Google online assessment test are similar to the ones asked in interviews.


Data Structures and Algorithms

Google asks questions related to various data structures such as linked lists, stacks, heaps, graphs, etc. Google online assessment tests often contain one question from Graph algorithms. Apart from this, Google online assessment test also involves questions based on certain programming techniques such as dynamic programming, geometry, recursion, etc. Google online assessment involves two programming questions of medium-hard difficulty and gives a time period of 90 minutes. These questions are often placed in the hard category. The candidates have to think of a good time-constrained approach to solve the problem within the given time limit.

Benefits of using Google Online Test Series


  • Each assessment of Google online test series presents a set of 3 coding problems to be solved in a time limit of 1.5 hours.
  • It presents a demonstration of what kind of interface and environment you will be getting in a Google online assessment test.
  • It contains specially curated coding problems containing hard problems on data structures and algorithms. The questions test your ability to approach string, dynamic programming, graph-related problems.
  • It gives you an opportunity to give mock tests which really resemble the situation you will be facing while giving the real Google online assessment test.
  • The timed tests involve detailed explanation of questions in the same format (Description/Input format/Output format/Sample Input) as Google online assessment test format.