Microsoft Online Assessment Test


Microsoft online assessment test is the first step towards becoming a Software Engineer (SWE) at Microsoft. The most common format of Microsoft online assessment test consists of 3 to 4 programming questions to be solved in a span of 60 to 90 minutes. If the candidate is able to clear this microsoft online technical assessment round, he moves on to the interview rounds. Microsoft online assessment consists of programming questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms. These questions may involve problem statements based on binary trees, stacks, queues, etc. Apart from this, questions of other types such as:

  • Debugging
  • MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions based on aptitude and data structures)


Microsoft online assessment also consists of questions based on Computer Science core fundamentals such as Operating System, Database Management System, Computer Networks, etc. When the score achieved in the Microsoft online assessment is 100%, the candidate surely passes on to the next rounds. If the candidate scores lower than 60%, he or she is most probably out of the process. But it depends on the threshold decided by the hiring team. If the candidate scores in-between 60 to 100%, the code may go through other types of parameters like code quality, understanding of the concept, etc.

Microsoft Online Test Application Process


The application process at Microsoft starts with applying at its career portal. If the application submitted at Microsoft careers portal is selected, you will receive a microsoft online assessment test link via email. This embarks the selection process for the position you are applying for. If you successfully clear the microsoft online assessment test, you will be invited to interview at Microsoft where you will be put through various interview rounds to test your programming and analytical skills. These interviews can be online or in person depending on the hiring program. All the open positions at Microsoft are listed at its official careers portal. Applicants are required to create a profile at Microsoft and apply when suitable openings are available. When a suitable position is listed, the applicants need to fill the required basic details and submit the form along with their resume. The resume should highlight the projects and achievements that match the job opportunity. This increases the chances of passing through resume shortlisting. Alongside asking basic details, Microsoft also asks behavioral questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, “Why are you applying for this role?”, etc. Each opening also provides the job description, desired qualifications, experience and good to have skills. This information is helpful throughout the selection process and you should prepare for questions around them. The interviewer is looking for the skills that are listed in the job description.

Careers after microsoft online assessment test


There are a range of roles available at Microsoft concerning various domains such as Human Resources(HR), Sales, Software Engineering, Business, Research, Marketing, IT Operations etc. Through Microsoft online assessment, we can enter into a range of opportunities at Microsoft starting with Software Engineer Summer and Winter Internships, Software Engineer (SWE), Full Stack Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, etc. There is a lot of scope in advancing within Microsoft once you land a job at MS. For example, the hierarchy of roles in Microsoft is well-structured and offers great benefits as you climb up. For example, after becoming a Software Engineer at Microsoft, you can get promoted to Senior Software Engineer, Principal SWE Manager, Principal Program Manager and so on. Hence, careers at Microsoft are really promising and open a ton of opportunities for both freshers and experienced professionals.


Subjects Covered in Microsoft online assessment

The microsoft online assessment consists of various types of questions such as data structures and algorithms, aptitude, reasoning, MCQs, CS Core Fundamentals, etc. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

Data Structures and Algorithms

These questions are based on data structures such as stacks, queues, linked-lists, arrays, graphs, binary trees, searching and sorting algorithms, dynamic programming, bit manipulation, etc. Various questions related to popular algorithms such as Dijkstra algorithm, bellman-ford algorithm, sorting algorithms, KMP algorithm, greedy algorithms, Kruskal and Prim’s Spanning Tree algorithms can be asked in Microsoft online test assessment. Both coding and debugging questions asked in Microsoft online assessment are related to data structures and algorithms.

CS Core Fundamentals

MCQs are also asked in Microsoft online assessment which consist of medium to hard questions based on Computer Science Core Fundamentals. It performs a rigorous check on your knowledge and understanding of operating systems, database management systems and computer networks.

Aptitude and Reasoning

The MCQs asked in Microsoft online assessment test contain questions from Aptitude and Reasoning. These questions test the speed of the candidate in solving general-life problems related to probability, speed-time, analytical, statistics, etc. Mainly aptitude tests in microsoft online assessment checks the speed of the candidate in solving such questions.


Benefits of using Microsoft Online Test Series


  • Microsoft Online Test Series are specially designed and curated to excel in interview rounds. 
  • These questions prepare candidates not only for interviews but also microsoft online assessment.
  • Microsoft Online Test Series help you understand what type of questions will be asked in the hiring process. Computer Science is a vast field, it is not possible to study all concepts. Microsoft online test series help you get started with the most important ones.
  • Microsoft online test series contains previously asked questions on interviews and microsoft coding rounds. This will help you prepare better and focus on more specific types of questions.
  • It also provides a suitable coding playground to keep you aware about the kind of interface you will be facing in Microsoft online test assessment.