MT as an attractive career

  • A career in MT is closely associated with KPO than BPO due to its unlimited intellectual challenge.
  • The MT industry is highly insulated from any kind of recession, thus MT profession provides consistent job security.
  • The MT career is globally recognised that allows for professional and geographic mobility.
  • No age restrictions. (18 years for joining and well beyond retirement age.)
  • Great demand for experienced and matured Mts.
  • High remuneration with promotions & rewards are offered.

MT is totally different from BPO

  • Unlike a BPO job, MT is a highly skilled profession that demands   accuracy and turn around time.
  • Unlike BPO professionals, to be an MT professional requires a   minimum of six months of comprehensive MT certification (A   stipend based training provided to all employees)
  • Unlike BPO, an MT professional has no voice interaction with   clients
  • Unlike BPO, in MT shifts are optional
  • Unlike BPO, the MT industry enjoys low attrition rate
  • Unlike BPO, a MT profession offers "Work from home" options
  • MT can also be a great career change for doctors, nurses & medical  students


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