SK GROUP (www.sk.com)
SK is Korea's third largest conglomerate and one of the leading business organizations in World. SK is made up of 40 member companies including seven that are listed on the Korea Stock Exchange. SK is a presence on six continents and 25,000 employees of many nationalities are working with us. Annual Turnover in year 2004 – 2005 is US$ 61.2 Billion

SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (www.skec.com)
SK E&C is one of the world’s best qualified engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services organizations . Since it’s inception in 1977, SK E&C has developed into the country’s leader in the engineering and construction industry. SK E&C continues to raise the bar as a world class competitor both here and abroad in plant, civil, building, housing works. Annual Turnover in year 2004 – 2005 is US$ 3.414 Billion

Among our major projects, a particularly noteworthy one is the construction of SK Corporation’s oil refinery - Korea’s largest oil refinery complex. As a result of this project and others, we have acquired the technology and know-how to build the most sophisticated oil and petrochemical facilities. SKEC is 47 th International Design Firm which is evaluated by ENR this year.

Full of surprises for the world’s plant market - the brain of SK E&C ;
With people and the environment as our first priority, SK E&C is engaged in a versatile range of plant work. SK E&C has amassed vest technical expertise in energy-related infrastructure projects, as well as consumer products plants, automated plant facilities, and industrial plants.

SK E&C has also made significant contributions in raising the world standard in the field of engineering, system integration and process control. The power of SK E&C s plant construction expertise continues to grow.

From skill, safety and quality to scale – The leader in world’s oil refinery plant is SK E&C
SK E&C successfully takes a refinery plant project through all phases from design to purchasing, constructions and test run.

SK E&C has amazed the world with the monumental EPC Contract of Cadereyta Refinary (Contract Amount US$ 2.424 billion) & Madero Refinery (Contract Amount US$ 1.2 billion) Reconfiguration projects in Mexico that stand as the world’s largest projects of their type.

The full-scale refinery projects in Kuwait, Brazil and Ghana and other parts of the world testify to the vast scope of SK E&C ‘s expertise.

SK E&C takes responsibility for a wide range of field developments, from front-end studies to detailed design & engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, and commissioning.

SK E&C has executed a wide range of design and construction projects for the petroleum refining industry, from single unit revamps to grassroots complexes worldwide. SK E&C’s experiences in refining include Crude distillation unit, Vacuum distillation unit, Heavy oil upgrading, Hydrotreating plant, Gas concentration, Naphtha reforming, Coking, Isomerization Plant, and so on.

SK E&C ’s strong points for executing the Oil and Gas Projects are as follows.

  Company-wide Commitment to the Complete Client’s Satisfaction.

  Operation and Maintenance Oriented Engineering.

  Single Point Responsibility toward Client to perform both Engineering and Construction.

  Strict Quality Compliance for all Phases of Project Execution.

  Numerous Experience in Fast Track Project.

  Proven Record of On-Time Schedule Completion.

  Cost Competitiveness with Excellent Performance Quality.

  Financing Arrangement Capability.

SK E&C ’s engineering workforce encompasses a full range of engineering disciplines to carry out even the most challenging technical projects. The latest technology is used to enhance the reliability of the overall design. Our engineers utilize a wide range of industry standard engineering software as well as in-house developed programs to perform process simulations and numerous technical calculations. The most advanced system tools at engineering stage are as follows.

  Process Engineering : PROII / ASPENPLUS / HYSYS / HTFS / CHEMCALC etc

  Piping Engineering : Caesar / Flow Master / FE Pipes

  Mechanical Engineering : HTEX / HTRI / VESSEL / TANK / TEAMS / TDS etc

  Civil & Architecture Engineering : STAAD / ISDS / Plaxis / DCA Series / MICA / SAP2000 etc

  Instrumental & Electrical Engineering : InstrCalc / Valtek / Fisher / ETAP / EE-POWER /   INtools etc

  CADD : PDS 3D / PDS P&ID / ISOGEN / EE-Series / MSPADE Series / AutoCAD etc

SK E&C India Pvt. Ltd
is now opened an Engineering Centre in India, in the name of SK E&C India Pvt Ltd. This organization will execute Design work of on-going and future Project of SK E&C.

SK E&C India Pvt. Ltd has ambitious plan to become self sufficient ‘ Engineering Service Company’ in the field of Oil, Gas, Chemical & Power for global need of SK Group in a span of 8 years from now with a expansion plan of inducting around 800 engineers of various discipline in our Engineering Centre, Gurgaon.

SK E&C India Pvt. Ltd will also concentrate on ‘Procurement & Construction Services’ support for all the need of SK Group Companies to become a full-fledged EPC Company

SK E&C and SK E&C India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon require Engineers, Designer and Drafts person at various levels in the Process, Stationary / Rotating Equipment, Piping, Electrical & Instrumental, Civil / Structural disciplines. Each Discipline leader and PDS administrator are also required.