About Us
Jobs In Dubai (JID Networks) is established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as the first and only recruitment agency to provide a non traditional online recruitment service. We classify ourselves as 'non traditional' because we offer a cost effective and TIME effective solution for employers and a unique picture related snap-shot profile of our candidates. Not only do you get to see their qualifications, but you get to see the candidate as well!

With offices located in Dubai and Canada, being an online service means we are effectively a global resource for skilled personnel through a state of the art online recruitment process. Our key focus has been the provision of human resources to corporations, which are mainly located in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. Our clients have the ability to quickly access more information about candidates than any other online service and can select the résumé's of the people they need faster and more accurately.

Jobs In Dubai is often the first choice for employers in the UAE.

The scope of jobs available and candidate expertise covers all the major professional work categories. Once you join us, our professional staff will assist with any technical help when setting up your profile and once this is in place, you are able to track your progress online from anywhere in the world.

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