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  As the pre-eminent diamond jeweller of Karnataka, Ganjam has a rich and colourful history. Its origins can be traced back to the heyday of the Vijayanagar Empire, when a group of merchants trading in precious gemstones are said to have migrated from Ganjam on the East coast of Orissa.

Settling in Bangalore in 1889, Ganjam Nagappa was appointed jeweller to The Maharajah of Mysore. At the turn of the 19th century Ganjam was invited by the King of Nepal to train his goldsmiths in their craft.

Today Ganjam jewellery defies traditional concepts and craftsmanship... metals that blend with each other in an unique, inimitable style... precious stones that are handpicked with an eye that needs to see a thousand or more to select those very few that are perfectly matched... designs borne of experience and expertise all brought together under one name in India... Ganjam.

The worldwide recognition of Ganjam jewellery is unparalleled with international awards from De Beers, The Gold Virtuosi, Perles de Tahiti and The Platinum Guild International.

The soul of Ganjam is to be found in its harmonious uniting of new and old. Creating jewellery that is the very best that human skill can achieve, without thought for time or expense.

Ganjam is jewellery for connoisseurs and collectors.
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