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We are Prudential Process Management Services (PPMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Plc. We are committed to building capabilities and capacities in India. Prudential Plc has five other sites (besides Mumbai) located at London, Belfast, Dublin, Reading, and Stirling and offer offshore support in various areas to UK. In Mumbai we operate out of 2 sites with an employee base of more than 1200 people.

PPMS functions in the following areas: Knowledge Services, Risk Management, Information Technology, Human Resources and Customer Services.  

  1. Knowledge Services aims to provide high-value add service in areas of Data Analytics, Research, Process Management, Testing, and Knowledge Management to Prudential Plc.
    • Data Analytic deals with: Data Mining, Time Series Forecasting, Statistical Modelling , Response Rate Modelling, Portfolio Analysis and Profiling.
    • Research deals with: Market Analysis, Market Growth Forecasting, Brand Research, Viewscast Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Regulatory Research, Distribution Analysis, and Market Share Analysis.
    • Process Management deals with: Process Improvement Domain, Financial Integrity Domain.
    • Testing deals with: Test Management, Planning, Execution, Analysis, Defect Management, Actuarial Assurance, Prototype Development for Insurance Products, End-to-End application testing, Product assurance, Product prototype development.
    • Knowledge Management deals with: Knowledge Management Solution design & development, Content Management ArtWork and Market Literature Amendments
      Knowledge Services intends to be a top-end analytic and decision support centre. The team intends to bring together individuals with a diverse range of technical skills and expertise, Established in December 2003 the team is 104 member strong with over 125 projects commissioned till date.

  2. The Risk Management team is an independent team that looks at assessing and mitigating risks for Prudential Plc. Risk Management is trusted and valued by the Prudential business, regulators and external auditors as the best assurance provider to mitigate or accept risk. It consists Internal Audit, IT Audit, Compliance Monitoring, Enterprise Risk, Guidance and Operational Integrity.

  3. Information Technology Team supports the business at multiple levels - Technical Service Centre team, Application Development and Service Management team form the bedrock of our strong technical structure.

  4. The Human Resources team supports and aspires to drive excellence through various initiatives. The team consists of - Employee Relations, Recruitment and Learning and Development.
    • Employee Relations - Several forums and mediums support communication flow and plenty of opportunities allow us to rejuvenate, mingle and have fun. We are also able to connect with and contribute to the community around us through 'Community Pru' initiatives. A concentrated effort on growth is channelled through multiple initiatives like a robust career development plan, internal job postings, secondments and exchange programme.
    • Recruitment - At PPMS, we are proud to have some very talented people from premier institutes across the country. Each member of the Prudential family is handpicked by the recruitment team and our endeavour is to provide rewarding and long term careers.
    • Learning and Development - We continually endeavour to invest in the growth and development of our people–through several channels including higher education opportunities, an online learning system and management development initiatives. Our learning opportunities are spanned to provide everyone with an all round development.

  5. The Customer Services team operates on a 24/7 model, and follows a 6-day week model. The team also comprises of Quality and Business Planning and Management Information.
    • Quality Team - supports various process improvement initiatives. They also initiate and lead various operational accreditation and certifications.
    • Business Planning and Management Information Team - Facilitates business planning to plan and forecast resource requirements to deliver optimal customer service using available resources. They support the business owners by forecasting operational hotspots and providing solutions through tactical planning.