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About Us
Samsung E & C India Pvt. Ltd.

Samsung Engineering & Construction India Limited is a subsidiary of Samsung Corporation a global leading Engineering & Construction Company of Samsung Group of South Korea.

In the field of Infrastructure Development, Building High-tech facilities, Port & Harbor, Power and Plant construction, we have become pioneer of innovation.

Our Land mark Projects:
- Burj Dubai Tower, Dubai (160 stories)
- KLCC Tower, Malaysia (5 floors underground & 92 stories above)
- Incheon Grand Bridge, Korea (12 km cable stayed bridge)
- Yeongiong Grand Bridge, Korea (suspension bridge)
- Delhi Metro Rail , MC1B, BC-18 and C-1 project (TBM Tunnel)
- Singapore MRTS 703, 908 (TBM & Cut & CoverTunnel)

Why Samsung?
To open doors to a new tomorrow, Samsung E&C will increase humanity’s happiness by putting endless efforts in development of Infrastructure, tunnel, bridges, high-rise building, IT Parks, Port & Harbor, Power and Plant construction.

To accomplish our dream, take challenges and break the world records we invite highly motivational engineers, project oriented personnel.

Dhauliganga Hydrodam
Delhi Metro
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