The process of creating animated images through computer graphics is known as Computer Animation or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation. Only distinction stands between Computer Animation & CGI is that the former comprises only moving images while the latter one contains both static scenes & dynamic images. Based on the objectives, the modern computer world animations are 2D & 3D computer graphics. 2D graphics are used when low bandwidth is available and quicker real-time renderings are required. Otherwise if broad bandwidth is available and best quality animation is required such as in motion pictures, then 3D computer graphics are created.

3D animation is implemented with computer programs in order to create a 3D representation of a 2D graphics which results in a 3D framework presentation of a 2D image. Procedure for creating a 3D animation consists of series of steps. Primarily, the required shape is laid down which is known as 3D modelling. Second step is to create the surroundings and other objects to be utilized in a scene. Ultimately in the last step, 3D effect is implemented to come up with the final finished image of the object.3D animation is accomplished on computer screens & 3D objects are outlined on an imagery skeleton unlike 2D animations, where figures & various transparent layers are utilized and the virtual skeleton is options in this case.

There are number of methods, techniques and equipment, with the help of which animation can be accomplished. Some of the fundamental terminology utilized are:

Avars: These are the animation variables by which the position of every single segment of the skeletal model.

Key Framing: In this process, Avars are placed strategically in time and the computer interpolates between these Avars. The process makes the animator control and it has its fundamentals derived from hand-drawn traditional animation.

Motion Capture: This technique utilizes live action footage. It drives a computer animation by applying the real motions of a performer to an animated character.

Render Farm: This is a huge network of graphics workstation computers connected to create a giant computer for rendering.

Facial Animation: This is the most challenging and most popular elements of computer generated imagery. It is complex to a greater level and the number of animation variables are high in models. With this technique, the benchmark of animation has risen up to a higher level as it utilizes the micro expressions.

Realism: With this, every frame in animation can be made appear photorealistic. A scene can be created looking identical to a photograph and even characters & their animation can be made believable & lifelike.


Significant advantages of utilizing 3D animation:

It portrays angles that even photographs can’t: 3D animation is capable of high zooming capabilities. For instance a panoramic view of earth from space can be swiftly zoomed into a specific house or person on earth in just a matter of seconds. This technique is very popular in Hollywood movies.


Building the future: This has the power to render architecture and buildings that are not even constructed as yet. This option can assist architect, construction businesses to have an insight into their future projects and to attract clients by showing them the same.

That touch of sophistication: Organizations incorporating 3D in their presentations, websites and other marketing content, seem more sophisticated and technically advanced to consumers. And this increases the prospects of getting new clients onboard.

Giants of the field

Some of the most successfully running organizations are into 3D animation field. Few giant names in the field include Pixar that gave successful ventures like Toy Story, Monster Inc., Finding Nemo and so on. Walt Disney animation Studios is a globally renowned organization in animation field and has contributed tremendously with successful projects like Dinosaur, Tangled, Chicken Little, Frozen and many more. Sony Pictures Animation is also a key player with achievements like Open Season, The Smurfs, and Hotel Transylvania and so on. Other significant players in the field are DreamWorks Animation, Illumination Entertainment, Real FX Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios and many other important players.


There are endless opportunities that 3D animation offers encompassing 3D commercials, architectural visualization, movies content, illustrations and so on. All these can be created and made to appear as real ones. 3D is significantly versatile and useful in creating building architecture, real estate, decorations, interior construction and so on.

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