Whenever an image is required to be amended, enhanced or embellished, the first word that comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop. The word itself has become a metaphor to modify an image. This application software was developed by Adobe Systems to be utilized by Windows & Macintosh operating system. The software basically edits & composes master images into several layers and support masks in various distinct color modes. Photoshop offers numerous tools to imply effects or modify an image in a better way, 6 best of them are as follows:

Brush Tools:

Fundamentally, people have a perception that brushes are used for painting. Though not being centered to painting, Adobe uses brush tool for digital painting application. It basically draws lines /shapes on blank background or image and these drawings can be of any color. Selecting the brush icon on the tool palette will activate the brush tool. Left-clicking and dragging the click in a desired way will give the aimed brush stroke. Sketching a straight line for that matter requires to hold the shift key as well.

Adjustment Layers Tools:

This is a significant tool often used in Adobe Photoshop program for several purposes, for instance, to modify pixel’s color, tone, contrast, brightness, etc. It can also work perfectly when required to convert a multicolored image into monochrome. This non-destructive editing tool makes modifications in an image without changing the pixels. Moreover, the changes made can later be discarded and the original image can be retrieved to make the workflow more flexible & efficient.

Clone Stamp Tool:

This tool is used as a preference for retouching or editing images. Clone Stamp is utilized by designers to eradicate blemishes from an image or remove objects from an image. This is done by sampling pixels from an area of the image and painting the same in the same image or different image. Technically we can say, it allows to duplicate a part of the image and paste it elsewhere. This can be done by going to the option bar and setting a sampling point that can be utilized as a reference point to create a new cloned area. Selecting an appropriate brush size is crucial for Clone Stamp Tool.

Blend Mode Tool:

Experts in Adobe Photoshop, consider this tool as the most versatile tool in existence. This tool offers various interesting ways to blend distinct layers together, implementing distinct behavior to the layers and setting the blending mode, tone, contrast and color in a desired but ordered way. Similar to adjustment layer tool, blend mode also modifies the image without changing the pixels, hence making it possible to retrieve the original image whenever required.

Transformation Tool:

Editing images and working in them is made exceptionally easy & wonderful by the transformation tool. This Adobe Photoshop tool assists professionals in resizing, transforming, distorting, warping images along with pushing the pixels around and moving them into the right place. Various commands that can be used to transformation are Scale, Rotate, Perspective, Rotate 180°, CW, Rotate 90°, Flip Vertical & Horizontal and so on.


Most of the Adobe Photoshop experts rely on this Liquify tool when it comes to retouching an image. Liquify can lead to various significant changes as it pushes around pixels on the screen. This feature is very important in model photography and other projects where expectations are verified by shape. Similar to other tools like Blend, Transformation, and Adjustment. Liquify also contains many specific options as required by professionals to provide the desired result to an image.

Adobe Photoshop provides operations like editing, fixing, cropping and colorizing images the desired way. It possesses many advantages if compared to a simple paint program and allows enhancing images in various unique ways. Comprehending a wide range of tools that Adobe Photoshop comprises can enhance skills to an exceptional level when it comes to serve in creative fields like artwork, photography and so on. The tools mentioned above are the most significant ones but not all that Photoshop offers. There are many other options available that can lead to endless permutations & combinations when it comes to providing a unique effect to an image.

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