PMP (or Project Management Professional) is a designation provided by Project Management Institute (PMI). You can find PMP professionals all across the globe leading projects in various top organisations in different industries. It is most common certification in PMP and you can work in virtually any organization and industry, with any methodology. PMI reveals that more than one-third of the project managers are PMP certified.

PMP certification is something that you need to work hard for. If you are going to spend so much time and resources in getting a PMP certification, you should obviously understand the various benefits of PMP certification that it provides.

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Here are the benefits of PMP certification:

6) Help increase your network strength

A strong professional network is a good thing to have. It provides a lot of advantage in your career life. With a PMP certification, you can get the benefit of getting in touch with other professionals who are PMP-certified. The basis of networking is always the same – people having similar credentials or interests or backgrounds. People coming from the same background usually help each other in the field, with the mutual understanding of getting it returned. This is really helpful when you are trying to find a new job.

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5) It looks great on the CV

Certifications always look good on CV. It talks a lot about your urge to learn and the skills that you obtained while learning. The same goes for a PMP certification. It will tremendously improve your CV strength and make you a strong candidate when you apply for a new job.

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4) Get appreciated for better project management.

Getting a PMP certification will make you an expert in standardised methods and hone your project delivery skills. With a better understanding of project management, you will be more successful in delivering projects efficiently within deadlines and thus, get appreciations from your seniors. You may also get the promotion you deserved.

3) It will make you a better project manager

This point is obvious. It will make you a better project management professional. After going through a training and tough examination, it is understood that you will have a better understanding and skills to manage projects better.

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2) Better salary than non-certified project managers

It has been observed in PMI Project Management Salary Survey (Ninth Edition) that, on an average, a PMP-certified professional earns more than 20% percent than an uncertified professional. When you look at the different job opportunities in the market, many have the mandatory requirement of PMP or they give more preference to a certified professional.

1) It is globally accepted

With a PMP certification, you will be able to speak the global language of project management. It is globally recognised and accepted; leaving you out of the hassle of understanding new practices when you work in different regions of the world. Your skills will remain relevant across the globe.

There are a lot of benefits of PMP certification when it comes to having a PMP certification as you can see from the above points. Other than all those technical skills and knowledge that you gain from it, you also get a lot of other benefits in terms of confidence and educational gaps. Now that you have understood how you can benefit from PMP, it is time you prepared well for the certification course.

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