Business from small to big requires tracking sales, expenses, spread sheets, upcoming order and much more, so that they can see where the business is headed and what changes are required to implement. Have you ever given a thought that why online business tracks scores of numbers and what it could be tracking? The most vital thing to track is performance.  Your business might be booming but whether it succeeds or fails? Ask these questions to yourself and take a hold of in true learning what works for your website. Luckily there are oodles of tools which can give much needed insight into your site and how you can make it better.

Shed some light on the top web analytics tools:

Yahoo Web Analytics tool

Tendering a little more depth in surveying, Yahoo Web Analytics Tool is a simpler approach to real time data collection, Google data, customized options, visitor behavior and demographics report. It is a bit different from Google in terms of customization, profiling and filtering. It is a perfect option for those who want to dig a little dipper.


A tool that proffers real-time analytics tracking while Google Analytics tool takes hours to get updated, Woopra feeds you live visitor stats encompassing what pages are live and where on the website. Besides this, you also get the chance to live chat with website visitors.


An extensible, self-hosted tool, Mint lets you make any changes with tons of free add-ons. The tool is affordable and costs $30 per site. You can track guests where they are coming from and what pages they are visiting. It aids you identify where the most interest is made and over what. Not only does it have great feature, it shows the information you want to know with the fresh layout.

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One of the most comprehensive tools in the market, Clicky displays each individual visit and the things they find interesting on your website. Clicky’s data is real-time and the available one is superb. Moreover, it is free until you receive more than 3000 page views. Overall, if you need an analytic package which tenders access to real time data, it would be the perfect choice.

Google Analytics

One of the most famous analytics tools which is geared for small business owners who wish to learn about the site, Google Analytics is free and renders a great way to track landing page activity. It helps the marketers know the traffic, bounce rates, statistics, conversions and more. It is indeed the perfect place to begin if you are new to measuring web traffic.

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Another popular tool that enables clients to track the movement of visitors throughout their sites, Kissmetrics is a superb way to gather information and know the behaviors of individuals. It proffers a “Timeline View” of visitor activity in a visual format. Give it a try free for 30 days. Later, take a plan at $29 a month depending how many events are followed.

Crazy Egg

Offering you an image of where visitors are clicking on the site with the help of heatmap technology, Crazy Egg is a free one month trial and can help you improve your website design. It is best known for scouting the website’s usability. Setting up is quite easier with 30 day money guarantee.

These are the best web analytics tools to choose from. Select as per your budget, industry and time you can put into learning analytics tool.

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