Certified Associate in Project Management

CAPM Course is an entry level certification course offered by the reputed Project Management Institute for project handling practitioners or individuals aspiring careers in project management. Outlined with a focus on novice project management professionals, CAPM exhibits knowledge, terminologies and procedures for performing effective management for projects. One of the significant factors of the course is that it holds a global recognition and automatically demonstrates the dexterity with fundamentals. Learning CAPM basics includes ability to initiate a project, planning & preparation, monitoring & controlling, cost estimation & controlling, quality management & assurance, recruiting & leading an efficient team, preparing backups for the unexpected and finally successfully closing a project.

CAPM is appropriate for individuals aspiring to enter into project management profile or working professionals with approximately less than 2 years of experience in managing projects and who want to exhibit and officially authenticate the knowledge they possess. For entry & middle level professionals, CAPM offers learning to manage larger projects, carrying out additional responsibilities and to get noticed by potential organizations. One of the reasons why CAPM is popular is that qualifications required for CAPM are not as rigorous as required for PMP. The minimum requirement is a secondary diploma i.e. equivalent to high school and a minimum of 1500 hours of project management experience or 23 hours of project management education.

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A CAPM certification, being a basic qualification, it does not exhibits or embeds a spearheading or directing project management quality. Though it clearly shows a robust foundation and inclination towards a project management career. A CAPM qualified professional carries a reputation of a dedicated employee aspiring a career in project management. One of the fundamentals of CAPM says that a project can be successfully accomplished by designing a Work Breakdown Structure, segregating the project into simpler packages, proceeding further with proper guidelines and adhering to those methods.

Now arises a question that, whether to go for CAPM Course or the more credible certification of Project Management Course. Project Management Professional certification requires a minimum of 4500 hours of experience in leading & directing projects unlike CAPM. So the confusion here is given an option for Project Management Professional, why somebody would go for CAPM and again for PMP.  Now think, what if someone is at a fresh or entry level of his career and finding it challenging to land up with a project management job. The best way out is to go for a CAPM certification, establish fundamentals for project management well to fetch a good learning job. Once experience is acquired, then it is easy to pursue PMP and CAPM knowledge will even assist in preparation for the same. Therefore, we can consider CAPM a concrete path to move towards PMP, if not PMP, then it can assist in a good commencement of a project management career.

CAPM certification can support careers by helping in giving a good project management career start and can provide a competitive advantage in the market, hence there should be no quandary about whether to go for it or not. Professionals from the Human Resource Department of various organizations recognize CAPM and along with that the fact that a professional with CAPM certification is utmost about aspiring a career in project management. Moreover, they do not expect the professional to handle a leading or directing positions. Combine such excellent credentials with a confident interview with clear fundamentals on project management. It is for sure that this blend can open ample opportunities for a professional to give an aspired growth to the career.

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