An endless list of certification courses for IT professionals exists to enhance their respective careers. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is among the most preferred and one of the highest return on investment offering certification that can give a substantial growth to professional careers. What CCNA focuses on is how to monitor, manage & maintain and troubleshoot small & medium sized network infrastructure. It also encompasses fundamental concepts of networking and working of devices like router, switch, repeater and so on. Another highlight of the certification is that it comprises comprehension of basics for OSI model, IPv6, wireless internet, Subnetting, etc. CCNA certified professionals acquire the skills of installation & management of the entire network of an organization. Let’s have a look, why CCNA training or CCNA certification is said to be an ideal certification for networking professionals:

Networking Knowledge:

Nothing enhances networking skills as swiftly and rooted as CCNA does. When it comes to comprehension & concepts of networking, it does not matter how much experience a professional has, he will definitely gain extra knowledge by qualifying the certification. Apart from increasing knowledge about the existing & established concepts, the certification also offers an understanding of the latest concepts of networking.

Career Growth:

Acquiring updated skills and getting authenticated by the Cisco itself will without a doubt provide advancement in the careers of networking professionals. It opens opportunities to move up in the hierarchical ladder in an organization.


Any advancement in terms of knowledge or skills will eventually lead to growth in salary packages. Earning an important certification like CCNA will definitely add to salary packages of certified professionals. There have been a number of cases where the certification assisted professionals in getting a 100% salary hike.

Road to many other certifications:

CCNA can be a stepping stone to many other substantial career-boosting certifications as it is defined as a pre-requisite for many other Cisco certifications concentrating on specific modules like Security, Voice, Wireless and so on.

Beneficial for employers as well:

With increasing demand for CCNA certified professionals, organizations are also taking smart moves by offering opportunities to their employees by paying for the CCNA certification, so that they don’t have to hire the resources from outside. This will in the long run save a lot of money to the organization as spending money on certification can be recovered by not hiring expensive resources from the outside.

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Cisco is a globally recognized institution when it comes to certifications. Surveys & researches conducted demonstrate that professional certifications come close second to regular four-year degrees. If we talk about networking, CCNA certifications assist the higher management of an organization to separate the chaff from wheat i.e. non-certification holders in the field.

Exclusive learning network:

A feature that makes Cisco certification unique and a new learning experience for networking professionals is that it is the first mover to utilize a social network as an extensively explored platform for learning. The community is Web 2.0 and it encompasses blogs, document sharing, coordination and even wikis. The most significant feature of this platform is that it offers a treasure of services along with being open to aspirants of roadmaps, training, simulation activities & labs, certification, internships, mentorship, recruitment & referral and job listings. Basically, it is focused and serves all the professionals aiming a successful career in networking.

Job opportunities at all levels:

CCNA being an overall package of learning for networking standards and techniques, when combined with the level of experience, it can assist professionals of any level of experience to land up with a suitable role in networking. As the basic pre-requisite for earning a Cisco CCNA certification is 10+2, hence almost every professional fulfils the criteria and based on the expertise apart from the certification, they can be placed accordingly in the hierarchy of an organization.


Sophistication is growing day by day in networking arena and hence depicts a shortfall of appropriate resources in networking professionals. This scenario solely can explain the kind of demand for networking professionals. Therefore, for an edge taking the career, pursuing a networking certification, that to a leading one that is CCNA is a wise decision professional can make. Cisco being easy to learn and no pre-requisite intensive preparation required makes it a better choice over other competitors.

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