What is CISA?

 Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a globally accepted certification in audit, control and security of information systems. It offers great amount of prominence and credit in the fields of IT Security, IT Audit, IT Risk Management and Governance.

The certification help recruiters be sure that the auditors they are hiring for measuring and assessing IT controls, possess and are strong in baseline set of auditing skills

Why CISA-The Benefits!

The certification has a large list of benefits and advantages to name a few:

  • People with this certification generally earn 47.54% higher salary
  • It endorses your knowledge and experience in the assigned area and displays your capability of taking up any challenge
  • A globally recognized as the mark of excellence for the IS audit professional
  •  Validates you proficiency in IS audit, control and security profession
  • It can also offer a career jump in the form of a promotion by setting you apart from other counterparts who are not CISA certified


Eligibility Criteria

The Certification can be taken up by any individuals having interest in information systems audit, control and security but having a minimum of five years of experience in Information Systems Auditing, Control, Assurance or Security. It is a one-time exam, consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions within a four hours timeframe. The exam is held thrice a year, on the second Saturday of June, September (in select locations) and December.

Who hires CISAs?

CISA are widely required across organist ions such as any private enterprises, bank or government which has a role in auditing, controlling, monitoring and assessing information technology and business systems would hire a CISA. Recruiters irrespective of the type of industry, hire CISAs as systems/security auditors, security consultant, process consultant and so on. Companies hire CISA with title such as IT Auditor, Senior IT Auditor, Information Technology Manager, Information Security Auditor or Manager, Internal Auditing Manager, Information Systems Auditor or Audit Manager and Internal Audit Director. Managerial positions in Internal Auditing and Information and so on.

Salary Structure

As per survey by Global Knowledge titled “15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2014”, CISA is ranked as the 3rd highest-paying certification out of a list of 15 which clearly proves that CISA are very well paid. A six figure salary is easily earned by a Internal Audit Director while other titles are well paid.



 There is a huge demand CISA and not only in India but overseas as well. Every company requires these professionals for smooth and error-free running of their businesses. There is good salary as well as a steep career progress which make it even more lucrative and in-demand. Lot of e-learning websites are offering this certification at a very reasonable price but going with the industry leader is always the best decision.

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