Are you worried about your career progression? Well, nowadays every person who is looking to carry out something innovative will choose project management professional as a career. Whether you are considering a change in career or just completed your study, building a career in PMP is the most challenging task for any individual. The demand for PMP is in every sector like information technology enabled services, manufacturing and construction, healthcare and many more. So, pick any of your choice and start a career in project management.

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Have a look at some of the industries where project management is in high demand:


A successful health sector needs a compound demand management, recruitment team, technical team, supply chain network, IT team and so on. So, whenever there is an opening for project manager, health sector also recruits project managers vastly nowadays. This big industry takes care of oodles of projects of health related creating jobs every day. Moreover, the high remuneration make it the most appealing and desirable sector for project managers.

Oil and Gas

Today’s world is energy driven. Everything from house, offices, cars, all of them are power-driven. All this has made oil and gas industry as one of the largest sectors in the globe. There are scores of vacancies in the oil and gas domain all over the world. The requirement for production of eco-friendly fuels, innovation and supply chain has increased the total number of projects in this field. All those who wish to be a part of this growing industry should have the required skills to attain the opportunity of working as a project manager in oil and gas industry.

Information Technology

One of the highest paid industries in the world, Information technology is in high demand for creative thinkers as well as non technical background. Each individual dreams of starting a career in IT as there are range of project management needed to run a project in the software development. A person can start a career by learning the basic methodologies of project management then opt for a certification in Project Management Professional (PMP).

Banking and Insurance

Jobs for project managers are also available in Banking and Insurance industry. There is a vacancy for project management when there is a new policy in banking. Most of the private banks such as ICICI, Axis and HDFC are hiring a project manager who has knowledge and skills in planning and understanding the constrictions of the project.


As a project manager, dealing with customers and solving their issues play a great role in ITES/BPO industry. If you have knowledge in inbound or outbound process, this is the right platform for you. Whether you get to handle a team or client interaction, this can be your idyllic platform to start and make a career. So, in ITES/BPO, there is a huge chance of finding a project manager job and a better opportunity of excelling.

So, if you have the will to carry out anything and make a career in this sector, there are many organizations available to hire you. Refine your skills and gain experience.

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