Organizations, now a days are hunting for Hadoop talent as there is a scarcity of such resources in the industry. Firms working on Hadoop want to ensure that professionals being hired by them for Hadoop are efficient in handling huge data. Certification in the same assures the companies of the ability of the professional to perform the duties to his best.

Hadoop certification has significant advantages apart from the huge demand of trained professionals. A Hadoop certified professional gets the benefit in terms of pay package when compared to other professionals working in the field without the certification. When it comes to IJPs, Hadoop certification supports to move up the ladder and accelerates your career. The certification is also very helpful for aspirants looking for a transition in their job roles. Apart from authenticating or imparting skills related to big data and related technologies, it also evaluates the comprehension about the latest aspects of Hadoop along with enhancing knowledge and demonstrating the same when networking with others.

How to acquire Hadoop certification?

A substantial advantage Big Data certification has is that it can be pursued online. Though, there is always an option of traditional classroom learning but working professionals can’t cope up with the time schedules of the course as their work schedule does not allow the same. Hence online training is best suited for such professionals. Live interactive sessions through video conferencing is a big help in preparation to accomplish the certification.’

Professionals suitable to get benefited

Aspirants searching for job in several IT companies, professionals aspiring to improve their skills and add credibility to their resumes are the best suited candidates to go for Hadoop certification. Moreover, professionals seeking to serve the employer organization at a bigger level can also opt for the same. Candidates working to build career in Big Data Analytics utilizing Hadoop framework, Software professionals, Analytics and Business Intelligence professionals, Project Managers, Testing professionals and so on are people who can get most benefited by the certification.

Key objectives of Hadoop certification:

Every aspirants aiming for the certification, foresees to get the best result out of the course. The curriculum includes modules of Apache Hadoop. Prior accomplishing the certification, one will acquire profound knowledge of various topics encompassing Hadoop Distributed File System & MapReduce Framework, Data Loading Techniques using Sqoop & Flume. Other features include learning to write complex MapReduce Programs, executing data analytics using Pig & Hive, acquiring comprehension of Zookeeper service along with application of best practices for Hadoop Development & Debugging. One also gets efficient with setting up a Hadoop cluster, perform programing in MapReduce (MRv1 & MRv2), YARN, implementing Hadoop Project HBase, Advanced Usage & Indexing and MapReduce Integration.

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Tips to qualify for Hadoop certification exam:

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide Book by Tom White is considered to be the bible to qualify the exam. The book contains all the fundamental concepts of the course and the 3rd edition specifically considered to be the best as it also covers YARN.

Apache projects in Hadoop, for instance, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Flume and HBase are some topics never to be ignored. The exam will for sure contain questions related to these topics. Along with referring to books, aspirants can also refer to videos and tutorials available online.

Utilization & implementation of Sqoop should be the core competences of any aspirants aiming to qualify the certification. One of the most efficient way to learn it is to create a simple table in MySQL or any other database and fetching data into HDFS & Hive. Comprehending distinct features of Sqoop tool and considering various well written books is the best way to do the same.

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Next substantial step is to comprehend Hadoop fs Shell commands to manipulate the files in HDFS. To qualify the exam, one can refer to a huge database of questions which holds high probability of being present in the exam. These questions are mostly based on results and outcomes. Along with that, one should be familiarised with how to derive MapReduce Paradigm from common SQL data patterns. Last but not the least, certification examination will have questions to evaluate the familiarity on key classes that are utilized in driver class and ways & methods utilized for the same.

If these guidelines are followed with dedication, one can be confident to have acquired substantial knowledge about qualifying for the Hadoop certification.

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