We all aim for satisfaction, whether its life or work isn’t it? What if we see things the other way round? What if we never get satisfied? Would it not lead to further growth? The illusion of satisfaction prevents us from growing and experiencing new things in life. The same rule applies to professional life as well. If one feels content in his/her work profile, the scope of adding skills or evolving further as a professional becomes narrow. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” We should always keep on moving forward and there are various ways to it. Let’s brainstorm what these can be.


Acme of work


Never get settled for good, aim for the best. Keep on improving, dive deep into your work, and research what more can be learned. Explore the latest tools & technology in the industry, in what ways they can benefit and acquire these skills to become the key resource of an organization.


Take the road less travelled

Most of us, when in a job, keep the comfort bubble intact and feel reluctant to experiment. A few weeks later, we begin to feel the monotony and struggle with the same work we once enjoyed. Break free! With the whole world available on our 15.6”laptop screens, we can get a glimpse into the plethora of learning options available online with suitable certifications and diplomas in related fields. Cherry-pick any of the courses and start. Such learning resources will greatly enhance our existing skill set.


Be the one to give the War Cry


A soldier learns the art of war, the position he/she is suitable for is to lead the platoon. One of the ways to beat a deadlock in growth is to target the leadership position. This would ensure that we are perennially in the quest to learn and grow. Programs like Six Sigma, Project Management Professional certifications, and Strategic Leadership support us in acquiring new skills and getting recognition as a leader.


 Something of your Own


We read about successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Ratan Tata, and Warren Buffett and aspire to be like them. But most of the time, we are unable to focus our mind on s singular target. Certifications like Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, SEO, Investment Courses, and IFRS can help develop our business acumen and also provide food for thought to develop innovative ideas of products or services. Thus preparing us in every way possible to become an entrepreneur.


Blow the dust off and strum the strings


Always had a passion to be an Animator but society and peer pressure led you to become a Software Professional? You are not alone; a huge percentage of professionals face similar issues. The hunger to follow your dreams and reach professional freedom stays in the soul even after having opted for the road leading to a hefty paycheck than your passion. The best way to get out of this Bermuda Triangle is to keep doing well in your current job but alongside revitalizing the unfinished project you had always dreamt of doing. Endless resources and institutions in the online learning, training and certification space can prove to be a huge support and a great start to become what you had hoped to be.


Apart from commercial aspects, we at Naukri Learning understand the need of the hour. In addition to successful careers, we aim for skill enhancement and consistent growth for professionals. Privilege us by getting associated with us and turn your career the desired way with intensive e-Learning certifications that we offer in collaboration with the industry and academic leaders.

A hole can be carved even in the sky, all it takes is a rock launched with utmost dedication.


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