Undoubtedly, technology is the most premium buzzword everywhere. There is a demand for people with excellent IT skills. The IT sector has seen a rise over the years. Now, you can also benefit from the latest market trends that can help you with better career opportunities. We have pulled together a list of most popular IT skills that organizations are looking for in a candidate.

Big Data

The Big Data jobs are growing every day since organizations have become data-driven and analyze data for higher productivity. Companies look for someone who can help them manage the data and make best of their investments. It fits into every sector:  Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance and Telecommunications. The demand for Big Data will increase in near future and prepare you for a future-proofed career.

Mobile App Development

There are scores of career opportunities one can scout in IT industry and one of the fields is Mobile App Development. With more than 4 billion mobile phone users worldwide, Mobile app is a rage that will sustain. Talk about anything; from food, shopping, playing video games to shopping, you have an app for everything! If you are interested in this domain, the most essential skills are Android OS and fluency in JavaScript. It is indeed the quickest way to success.

Information Security

It is no surprise that Information Security is booming and will continue to grow over the years. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic, a 37 percent increase is forecasted in Information Security Analyst positions from 2012 to 2022. Enter this profession and take a glance at the challenges the company goes through. This will be connected with your career move into Information Security.

Project Management

Getting a certification in Project Management Professional (PMP) will be the surest way to achieve success. It can make the difference and beef up a resume. Having this credential will certainly help you find a job as a project manager. Furthermore, PMP managers can get a higher salary in comparison to non-certified project managers. PMP involves coordination between teams and expectation management. It is extremely valuable and those who have mastered this skill are growing fast. This is especially for the project managers who want to excel at various managerial levels.

IT Operations and Governance

The jobs for IT Operations and Governance are inevitable and paving ways for interesting opportunities for professionals to learn about the process and practice the disciplines. If you are interested in climbing the ladder and add an advantage to your resume, get IT operations and governance skills to thrive and advance your career.

Whether you work for a small organization or a big player, your best bet would be advancing your skills and knowledge that will benefit you the most in your career growth.

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