In the field of marketing, generating leads is actually instigating client’s interest towards accumulating information for a product & services of a particular organization. Lead generation is a crucial part of advertising and it is executed with the help of paid advertising like advertisements, print media, other paid source of marketing along with non-paid sources such as search engine marketing, word of mouth and so on. The process utilizes a computer program along with internet, segmented database of clients and other specialized services with an intent to enhance business, augmenting sales & revenues, targeting prospective customers or carrying out significant research in the very field.
These leads comprise names & correspondence addresses of users, organizations and so on in order to carry out marketing activities on these leads. Search engines are considered to be the best source of lead generation when it comes to do it online. Though it is time consuming yet very effective. Various organizations in fact perform this kind of lead generation in return of a fee. They conduct research and then create a list of prospective leads for business in accordance with the industry of the company for instance real estate, education, advertising & marketing, retail and so on.


Let’s have a look at 5 of the most impactful and effective tools for generating leads:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


A big percentage of internet users utilize search engines to find out answers to their queries. SEO along with appropriate tools can provide ways to divert traffic on a website and guiding users to that website’s content in order to generate queries and eventually leads.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)


This technique comprises paying a search engine to get listed in the pertinent search results and the payment is deducted with per click or whenever a user actually clicks on the add. In this way, there is a minimum wastage of resources with a greater degree of control over specific keywords a company want to get associated with. Another advantage is that it is completely trackable, so it can be assured that specific and accurate data is obtained and so the amount of leads.




Blogging is one of the most effective and fruitful indirect method of lead generation. It works by actually enhancing the quality of online content of a website and attracting more traffic towards it. In connection with SEO, probability of a blog to be found online increases. If social media and other bookmarking websites are taken into consideration, then the traffic can be increased further. Blogging is considered to be so important for generating leads that without it, the effectiveness of SEO diminishes significantly.




A seminar on any technology, moral science, educational event or any other subject happens online, it is then called a webinar. A webinar is usually provided free of charge and is meant to serve the target audience with constructive information so as to build trust and brand awareness of a particular organization. Once this is done, the consumers will return in substantial number in case of another query in future and in this way, the traffic is increased and a successful lead generation takes place.

Social Media Network


Social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on have a huge database of consumers, hence, these websites can play a key role in lead generation. These websites connect millions of users to each other and therefore offers a great opportunity for organizations to connect on a profounder level with the prospective clients. Imagine these social websites as phonebooks having details about clients, which can be searched in the basis of keywords or specific interests of client. For instance, Hootsuite is a tool through which saved searches on Twitter assist to look for new prospective clients.


One of the most significant benefits of lead generation is that it is beneficial for both sides, as organization find consumers and consumers get the required information and eventually, results in the purchase of desired product or services. Lead generation online is known to be having the highest conversion rate  because of a huge database of clients, which is consistently increasing exponentially, giving rise to probability & opportunity of executing more intense and accurate lead generation in future.

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