We all think we know MS Office Suite in & out, since we have been using it for ages. What we don’t know is, that it is just the “tip of the iceberg”. There are still numerous options that we never made use of and which can feed infinite ideas to the way we go about using these tool and make MS Office a whole new experience.

Let’s learn PowerPoint design hacks for PowerPoint, which can unlock new potential for your presentations.

  1. TRANSITIONS:  Transitions help us chose the way next slide in PowerPoint will appear in a slide show. With various different options available, we can select the entry of the next slide as per content in the slide. For instance, making the audience aware of some new data or disclosing a new venture can be made to appear with “Reveal Transitions”. Auto timings and sound played at transitions of slides can also be selected & altered.
  2. SLIDE SIZE CUSTOMISATION: PowerPoint also offers an option to customize the size of a slide. Quantity of content and the way it has to be presented in slide, sometimes leaves most of the slide area blank, which looks awkward. It then becomes necessary to change the size of slide to make it more impactful. As an example, the way the title of a presentation is displayed should be completely different from the display of an elaborative topic.
  3. ALIGNMENT: In spite of tremendous efforts in creating a PowerPoint presentation, that wow factor gets missing just because of not utilizing a minor but very significant tool, “Aligning”. Alignment of text and object together can add a very neat and appealing effect to the slide and makes the presentation exceptionally easy to understand.
  1. ANIMATIONS: Though professionals feel that too much animation can make a presentation sophomoric, but if animation effect is used wisely, it can do wonders. Each item inserted in a slide can be made to animate differently, highlighting the meaning and purpose of its presence. An increase in sales exhibited by an arrow flying up from bottom to top can emphasis the success even more and reduces the need to explain it verbally.
  1. PRESENTER’S VIEW: In accordance with the presenter’s point of view, PowerPoint offers an option to facilitate the speaker to deliver the presentation at a decent flow, with minimum pauses and keeping the time factor in mind. Presenter view option provides a view that includes the current slide as well the next slide to prompt the speaker. Moreover, presenter can see the time elapsed with a time display option. This can be of tremendous help at rehearsals, so as to get acquainted with the presentation and deliver it with full confidence and make a deeper impact.

Let’s leave the audience spellbound with that perfect PowerPoint presentation and launch our careers Up, Up and Away!

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