Are you interested in the IT industry and want to become a software developer or engineer? Want to be a part of your dream software company? This article will mention some of the top online programming courses that will train you to be an experienced software developer.

Though you may have heard that there is a resource saturation in the IT industry, the demand for good programmers have never gone down. There are a lot of opportunities for software developers in the industry and if you have a certification or have experience in programming, you can start a wonderful career.

There are a lot of online programming training courses online but it is difficult to know which ones are going to help you the most. This is why this article provides you with the top 10 online programming courses that are definitely worth enrolling in:

All in One Java Development Suite – Naukri Learning

Java has always been one of the most versatile programming languages and companies look to hire good Java developers. This online course is provided by Naukri Learning and offers extensive training to the candidates on the fundamentals of Java language and programming. The flexibility of the course material allows both beginners and advanced level programmers to take advantage of it. There are also various other programming courses designed to suit your learning requirements.

Introduction to C Memory Management and C++ Object-Oriented Programming – MIT

C and C++ programming languages are still popular. Also, since C++ is fast and supports many advanced libraries, it is still used extensively. This online course by MIT offers a rich learning experience to the candidates, with modules curated by some of the experts in the industry. Even though it has been designed for undergraduate students, this course can help anyone who wants to have the basic programming knowledge in C and C++. Candidates will also get to learn about object-oriented programming.

Programming Foundations with Python – Udacity

Python has become an important programming skill due to its extensive use in data analytics. Udacity’s Programming Foundations with Python is a well-designed course which will help the candidates to get a grasp of the basics and also provide hands-on experience to work in a professional environment. It has a rich learning content and offers self-paced learning environment.

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HTML/CSS – Code Avengers

Website development is a major profession nowadays with a lot of businesses going online. If you want to become an expert web developer you need to have good skills in HTML and CSS. This course from Code Avengers will help you to get the required skills to become a good web developer.

Programming in C# – Naukri Learning

C# is a programming language that has been designed to build a variety of applications on the .NET framework. This course has been designed by VSkills and brought to the candidates by Naukri Learning and offers quality online learning modules for the candidates to be skilled in C# programming. You will also get a government certification that is accepted across the industry.

Programming Methodology – Stanford University

Want to learn about modern software engineering principles? This highly popular course from Stanford University will help you to understand the widely-used Java programming language in terms good programming styles and methodology used in the IT industry. This course is not limited to techies but can be learned by anyone with no previous background in programming.

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JavaScript – Codecademy

Codecademy offers interactive learning courses for candidates who want to start coding and has beginner skills. There are courses for mid-level programmers as well who want to improve their knowledge or learn a new language. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for web applications and is also one of the widely-learned programming languages in Codecademy.

Coding – Treehouse

Do you want to become a seasoned programmer? Treehouse is a right option for those who want a long-term learning option. It offers learners to buy monthly subscriptions for online programming courses. There are two types of subscription plans according to the learning requirements of the candidates.

PHP – Code School

PHP (a recursive acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side language which is used for making dynamic and interactive websites. As a free and open-source programming language, it has been widely used in the web development industry. Code School offers a learning path to help candidates learn this versatile programming language.

Ruby on Rails – Naukri Learning

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language and its popularity is fast growing, with many organisations using it. Naukri Learning offers a flexible learning path for both professionals and students to gain the requisite programming skills necessary to work in some of the prominent IT companies.

There are other programming language courses which can help you to move your career ahead in the IT industry. Naukri Learning offers some of the best learning courses which will help you to get certified and become a professional software developer.

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