Business operations are turned around by the medium of projects and this change is inevitable for organizations to survive. An effective transformation is necessary and project management is the solution. There are various reasons for Project Management to be an obvious career choice.

Augmenting demand in the industry: According to PMI (Project Management Institute) a good number of Project Management Professionals are retiring in the near future which would led to increased hiring and opportunities in this field.

Prospects: A Project Management professional always have an advantage of applying in majorly any industry as the work profile is not restricted to any specific field.

Significant Contribution: This very profile contributes towards organization on a significant level. Leading teams, resource management, meeting deadlines and so on makes it a wonderful option for career advancement.

PRINCE2 is a project management method and treated as a common language which is accepted globally. It is also a risk management tool for organizations that wish to change/transform with effectiveness. PRINCE2 came into existence from PROMPT II (Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques). The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) adopted PRINCE as a UK Government standard for information systems (IT) project management meaning PR (OMPT II) IN (the) C (CTA) E (environment). In a swift it got accepted by organizations globally outside IT setting apart from the UK government.

PRINCE2 is fundamentally based on 7 principles and processes. Principles include Continued Business Justification, Learn from Experience, Defined Roles and Responsibilities, Manage by Stages, Manage by Exception, Focus on Products and Tailored to Suit the Project Environment. Processes involved with PRINCE2 are:

  • Starting up a project (SU)
  • Initiating a project (IP)
  • Directing a project (DP)
  • Managing stage boundaries (SB)
  • Managing product delivery (MP)
  • Closing a project (CP)

There are several levels of certifications we can learn for PRINCE2 as given below:

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation
  2. PRINCE2 Practitioner
  3. PRINCE2 Professional
  4. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

If we comprehend PRINCE2 in-depth, it is a structured approach to project management, which provides a method for managing projects within a set framework. PRINCE2 encompasses procedures to coordinate people and activities in a project, design and supervise the project, and ways out if the project doesn’t develop as planned. Each method is focused towards specific goals and activities to be carried out, which gives an automatic control of any deviations from the plan. Segregated in various stages & methods it enables an efficient control of resources. On the basis of close monitoring the project can be carried out in a controlled and organised way.

Earning a PRINCE2 qualification will help in attaining recognition and achieving a level of knowledge in the subject in accordance with the certification standards. Let’s accept the fact that PRINCE2 qualifications are highly considered by employers and look impressive on an individual’s CV.

Being an internationally renowned certification, majorly every organization is aware of accreditation, availability of resources, training and consultancy, sharing of knowledge and the availability of the resources. It provides immediate opportunities for individuals to grow in their careers in project management, to increase their knowledge, to mentor new project managers, to share their knowledge and experiences, to shape project management policy and so on.

PRINCE2 certification will equip you with skills to feel confident in managing projects successfully with the assigned workforce. It provides a common system, procedures and language with greater control of resources, and the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively along with mitigating mistakes.

It is a great asset for your resume, recognised as a world-class international product and is the standard method for Project Management. Demand for PRINCE2 certified professionals is soaring high. It provides you the exposure to a process based system that allows new ways of looking at problems, refreshes new Project Management philosophies that people usually take for granted along. It also offers a new set of tools that we could apply to any project of any size. As a Project Manager, one of the many things we learn is the more tools we have at our disposal, the easier our lives become.

We at Naukri FastForward along with our e-Learning partners offer specialized Project Management courses of PRINCE2 Certification that can enhance skills for the career. It will help you learn how to successfully initiate, carry out and close a project and can scaffold in moving with acceleration in a career.

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