The world of software technology is a fast-evolving one. New technologies are always emerging in the scene. If you want to make your mark in the field then you need to keep the pace with the latest developments in the field. The competency of software professional is measured by his/her knowledge of the most advanced technology. Now, we are talking about two of the technologies that everyone is talking about of late- Python and Hadoop. Let’s find out the top reasons to learn Python and Hadoop.

Top Reasons to Learn Python and Hadoop

Let’s jump in:

What is Python?

Well, as you might know, Python is a programming language used for general purpose coding. Python is a design language that focuses extensively on code readability. One of the most noticeable features of Python is the use of whitespace indentation to delimit code blocks rather than using curly braces or keywords. Another great advantage of Python over similar languages such as Java and C++ is that is allows expressing concepts in fewer lines. Because of these advantages, Python is one of the most widely used design languages in the world today.

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The Core Philosophy of Python

The core philosophy of python is summarized in the Zen of Python. It is based on certain aphorisms like

  • Beautiful is Better than Ugly
  • Readability Counts
  • Simple is better than Complex
  • Complex is better than Complicated
  • Explicit is Better Than Implicit

As you might have guessed, the emphasis is really on simplicity. That’s the main essence about Python.

Where is Python Used?

Python is everywhere. This statement perfectly summarizes the wide range of areas that Python is used today. Python is extensively used in the following fields

  • Desktop Based GUI Applications

Python can be used to design a variety of Desktop Based GUI Applications with the help of toolkits like PyGtk, PyQt and wxPython. Some of the specific areas which Python has worked its magic include

  • Scientific and Computational Applications

There are certain tools that are specifically designed to develop Scientific and Computational Tools using Python. Examples include Numeric Python and Scientific Python. FreeCAD, 3D Modeling Software and Abaqus, finite element method software has been developed using Python

  • Image Processing and Graphic Design Applications

Python has been used to design 2D Imaging Software like ImageScape, GIMP and Scribus. It is also used, in varying degrees, to design 3D animation packages like Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, Lightwave, Cinema 4D and Houdini

  • Games

Python is also used to develop games such as Civilization IV, Vega Strike and the likes. There are a number of 3D Game Engines like PySoy which is used to develop games.

  • Web Frameworks

A number of Web Frameworks like Django, TurboGears and CherryPy and certain others as well.

The Advantages of Python

So, what are the advantages of Python? Well, since a lot of people are talking about it, there’s has to be some benefits right? There are benefits and a lot of it! Let’s take a look at some of them

  • Easy to Learn

For a programmer, one of the biggest advantages of Python is that it is easy to learn. You just need to follow the programming guidelines, set forward in the PEP 8, and you are good to go.

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  • Productivity and Speed

If you are a programmer, especially a freelance programmer, then time is literally money for you. Programming with Python takes less time. This means that you would be able to execute more projects in less time.

  • Wide Range of Applications

Python is used in a variety of fields. For example, it is used in Google App Engine, YouTube, Facebook and a ton of other places. Therefore, being an expert in Python can land you a job at these places. That’s quite motivating, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, now that we have learned something about Python and how it would help you, let’s move on to another technology whose knowledge would make you to be considered as a competent professional. Let us now know a bit something about Hadoop.

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What is Hadoop?

Hadoop, or more precisely Apache Hadoop, is an open source software framework which is used for Data Storage and for processing very large sets of data.  At the Core of Hadoop, you have two essential parts – The Storage Part, which is known as Hadoop File Distribution System (HDFS) and the processing part.

The base Hadoop Framework consists of the following modules

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – A distributed file system that stores data on the commodity machines.
  • MapReduce- This is an implementation of MapReduce programming for large scale data processing
  • Hadoop Common – The Hadoop Common contains the libraries and the utilities that can be used by other modules
  • Hadoop YARN – The resource management platform.

The Future of Python and Hadoop

The future looks bright for both Python and Hadoop. Since, Python has a number of advantages, the demand is huge for people who have a great deal of knowledge about Python.

Big Data is another frontier that is going to see a lot of growth. Since, Hadoop is one of the widely used frameworks for Big Data Processing, knowing Hadoop would surely be an added advantage.

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Types of Job You Can Get

Knowing Python would increase your chances of getting a job as programmer, and decent ones at that. A lot of companies are using Python for designing a wide range of software applications.

Knowing both Hadoop and Python would also increase your chances of getting a job in Big Data Analysis. Hadoop would help you to process the large data sets and Python would help you in the actual process of analysis.

If you are software professional who wants a better paying job in the industry, then having in expertise in the most modern technology would only increase your chances of getting your dream job. Hadoop and Python are two of the technologies that have been in huge demand in recent times and the future shows no signs of change in their popularity. So, learn new stuff as that would always open up new windows of opportunity.

Source: Cognitive Today

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