Mr. Smart & Mr.Bookworm are looking for a job opportunity but they both lack a certification in the field. So they decided to go for one, but with distinctive ways of learning i.e. e-Learning and traditional learning. Let’s find out the advantages an e-Learning course can provide and how Mr. Smart & Mr. Bookworm land up in the end.


Money Saved is Money Earned


While traditional courses can burn a hole in your pocket as you bear not only the tuition fees and study materials charges, but also bear the cost and time associated with travelling to the institutes. E-learning, on the other hand, is much more affordable as we download the material, attend online lectures and appear for qualifying examinations, requiring just a desktop/laptop/tablet.


Flash Speed Learning


Limited venues, traffic hassle and time clash make a traditional classroom course frustratingly time taking. Whereas, e- learning helps you learn much more in the same duration by reducing the time investment & ultimately augmenting the speed of learning.


Learn with the flow


Flexible Learning is one of the biggest advantage e – learning has. Unlike traditional learning, where we have to trade off significant lectures for current job assignments or personal commitments, e- learning empowers to make our learning adaptable as per time availability. No matter what part of the day it is, no matter what location you are at. Learn – Grow – Earn.


Latest Version 5.0


Technology nowadays runs a second faster than time. We start learning a current version of a technology and the very next day we find a newer one available in the market. Traditional learning bounds you to continue with the older concepts as replacing the material is nearly impossible. There is no such restriction with e-Learning as adding content online and distributing the same via internet can be done in the blink of an eye.


Interactive retention methods


We retain dialogues from movies, lyrics from songs and often forget the current affairs, theories, laws and codes we read because the later part is monotonous & makes us feel forced to learn. e-Learning modules are designed to make us retain the concepts we learn by the interactive audio-visual elements, group task allocation, real-life scenarios, innovative test sessions and exciting ways to help us learn & implement those concepts practically.




Attaining a certificate
from a Premier Institute may hold value in a state but not in others and when you think on a global level this segregation becomes huge. E-Learning provides you a much higher degree of standardization in terms of learning. A certification that is renowned among the HR department or the heads of leading organization will do the trick.


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Improve without getting your failures announced in the newspaper


Apart from the pressure of qualifying the course, another haunting element is the way results are declared traditionally. Remember those bulletin boards or class announcements of results and god forbid if the result does not come out affirmatively then, if not embarrassment then at least public disappointment. E-Learning ensures results are never disheartening. Even if due to tight schedules or any other genuine reason we are not able to perform, the results will just be declared to ourselves, which provides a buffer to not take any unnecessary pressure and reattempt the test when ready and qualify with flying colors.



Let the environment evolve with you 


Self-learning, that too with supporting environment, that sounds really cool. Instead of buying stacks of books for a single module, filling notebooks after notebooks and ultimately getting loaded with a vision blocking pile of paper, get rid of the clutter and let your laptop/desktop be your library. That reduces paper waste and is more eco-friendly.


Skip through to Succeed


Now that’s power for real. We are best known to ourselves, realize what technologies/concepts we will actually be applying in real life and what we exactly need to learn. e-Learning offers tailor made course packages that contain exactly what is needed unlike traditional learning that comprises even the outdated concepts/technologies and gives no option but to cram the same.


The End


Is your mission accomplished yet or it’s still in progress? Act now and enroll in an e-Learning course today.

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