What are the skills you need for social media marketing? If asked this question 5 years back, it would possibly a short list. Social Media has developed over the years, and ignoring it means losing networks with audience, clients and leaders.

Almost every organization has someone who is responsible for managing social media. If you are thinking to make a career in social media or in a related position, know about the social media marketing skills you must have.

Relationship Building

With the rise of social media, relationship building has become a main part of scores of aspects of Search engine marketing and search engine optimization. This is an expertise that many organizations lack resulting in spam messages on Instagram and Twitter.

If you master the knowledge of relationship building, you will have a great benefit on social media. This can lead to links, traffic and increased social signals.


Writing plays a critical role to drive growth. The ability to create unique visual content stand out in the crowd, all you require a posting strategy that encompasses an array of eclectic content. The more sundry your content profile is, the better opportunity you have of being successful as a manager.

The best easy to use design tool for creating ads, pictures for your social profiles and business cards is Canva. To keep the followers engaged, you have to come up with innovative initiatives and campaigns like facebook contest.


Keeping a track of all your contacts needs some level of organization. The professionals know which days and occasions are best to post content. Staying organized is important to keep a history of your posts and interactions with others.

Innovative Mindset

This approach can help you engage with your audience. It means understanding the process and not underestimating the importance of artists who are always working beyond their limits.

Leadership Skills

Keeping the team managed and excited is the best way of communication. Solid communication skills are required for a successful business leader. It is all about having a vision of where you want to be and working hard to achieve that vision.

Analytical Skills

Another important skill a social media marketer must have is Analytical skills. It is the ability to analyze, articulate and visualize both complex and uncomplicated issues that make sense based on the given information.

Earlier there were no tools to provide data to prove it. But today social media tools render bounty of data to boost marketing efforts instead depending on assumptions.

Social media presence has an extensive impact for your company if executed in a thoughtful way. So, get a certification to fully leverage the power.

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