The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses market their products or services. The playing field of the marketers has broadened and they have now various avenues to deliver the message to their customers for effective branding. Digital Marketing has become a rage among organizations across the world due to the enormous audience the internet has and the easy way it offers to target a particular crowd.

Digital Marketing is a very vast field and keeping up with everything at once takes a lot of effort. Therefore, using tools that expedite activities is an important aspect of digital marketing. Let us check some of the Digital Marketing tools that will help you to be successful as a digital marketer.


1) Google Analytics


The most popular web analytics tool and is the standard for all websites. Google offers advanced analytics features that will help you to track and get a complete analysis of the behavior of the traffic. Its e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and performance.

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2) Piwik

It is a real-time, open-source web analytics program that was launched in 2007. It provides digital marketers with real-time traffic and a customizable dashboard. The program has a premium version as well, which offers extra features for professional digital marketers.

3) Kissmetrics

A paid web analytics tool that will provide you with tailored services to get the results that you want. It offers tracking of site visitors throughout their journey and provides help on each conversion funnel.

4) Facebook Insights and Power Editor

Facebook already has its own powerful analytics tool which is usually sufficient for a digital marketer. You can gain a lot of ideas about customer engagements and the behavior patterns of the members. Facebook also offers Power Editor tools which are easy for managing a number of campaigns simultaneously.

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5) Sprout Social 

It is a social media management and engagement platform which provides businesses with an easy way to maintain effective communication between both current and potential customers. You can use it for multiple social media accounts and makes handling customer engagement a breeze.

6) Hootsuite

It is a complete package for those who stress the importance of social media marketing. Hootsuite is an enterprise social media management tool and is one of the most popular tools in the industry. It also helps to schedule your posts and get a detailed analysis of your social media pages.

7) MailChimp

A powerful email marketing tool, MailChimp is used by a large number of digital marketing professionals and businesses. The popularity of the tool lies in its simplistic approach to making e-mail marketing campaigns a walk in the park. Even amateurs with little experience in e-mail marketing can create highly effective campaigns.

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8) Active Campaign


The best part of Active Campaign is that it has a powerful e-mail marketing automation. Once you create a campaign, you just leave the rest to it to effectively deliver the campaign to the required audience. It is a paid tool and comes with a beautiful e-mail template editor to help you create your own campaigns.


9) Google Keyword Planner


Keyword research is an important part of SEO and Google Keyword tool is great to understand if the competition is “High,” “Medium” or “Low” and what is the suggested bid for that keyword?


10) Open Site Explorer


This is a tool developed by Moz which helps in the research of backlinks and finding link-building opportunities. You can also find potentially damaging links with the help of this tool.

The Parting Note:

Tools are useful in carrying out effective digital marketing and helps in managing projects easily. The above tools will definitely help you to become a better marketer and ease the implementation of lead generation techniques. Apart from that, if you want to gain more understanding of the various aspects of digital marketing, you can always go for an online course.


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