Those who never stop to evolve are none other than the designers. It is such a dynamic and interesting sector where you will see trends changing every year. Superb Image-rich websites, Material design and Amazing scripting smarts and Vertical patterns are growing in popularity. Not a single day passes by without another innovative and different way of web designing codes. And everyone is well aware of the growth of web designers – promising a more skilled line in the future and ample scope for personal growth. Moreover, as a designer, you are always challenged to scout new possibilities in order to render customer a superb experience like never before.

Here are 8 web design trends to look out for in 2016:

Split screen

One of the rising trends in web designing, split screen also dubbed as full screen. It is basically a layout where the website is split in half. It can make any sort of site standout be it food, clothing styles etc. For example, if you are running a clothing business, you can split screen layout and show significant information about the organization on one side of the screen while pictures of latest fashion styles on the other. It is indeed an easy and convenient option to convey the information in the best way to users.

Blocks Grid

It works well especially for ecommerce websites and one can play around with the size of the blocks to highlight the significance. This is basically elementary design platform where one can give a hit to mobile apps.  Besides this, modular design is a technique where everything is designed with the help of blocks grid.

No header/footer

A site comprises of header and footer which is said to be the default layout. If you delete the header and footer, the brand your site is promoting can be highlighted. The firm can be further emphasized on what your website tenders can be even made clear to the customer. As a result, your visitors are aware of your brand and this will make your site well-designed and interesting.


Making the language more fascinating and readable when displayed, Typography is generally applied to the numbers, letters, style and appearance designed by the process. It is a must to be included in web designing to make a strong statement on websites. It is a great time to pay attention to all the typography trends.

Card layouts

Making the perfect design pattern for mobile applications, Card Layouts are used by many websites with good approach to design. The card design guides grab the eyeballs of the visitors with its highlights on consistency. This arrangement makes the customers understand what sort of information is vital than others.

Flat design

Websites with flat design look fresh and unique. These designs are continuously changing to the new levels. This has been booming in the market from the last few years and seen great changes to its original iteration. The flat design will never let you miss a piece of content a flat site wants to exhibit. It is one such trend that is not going anytime soon.

80s style design

The main era of 80s is back and offering latest flavor of that time on the web. Bright, bold colors are fitting in today’s design and favoring richer, bright pastels and more saturated colors in all sorts of ways. Latest additions like galactic backgrounds, planets, text and icons will be there this year in web designing.

Ghost Buttons

Empty buttons having a rectangular shape form and bigger than normal colored buttons, Ghost buttons is ruling the web design market. They draw the attention of the people with its outlining along with a word or two in the center. The ghost buttons sites emphasize more on the content the viewers actually want to see.

These are some of the web designing trends that continue to be famed in the current year. Moreover, these trends are pushing for a perfect set of techniques that will make the process of building websites easier and smoother.


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