The process of developing a website for the World Wide Web i.e. internet and private network i.e. intranet is panoramically known as Web Development. It usually expands from the development of simple stationary one-page text to the dynamic intense & complex internet applications, social network services, and even electronic businesses applications. Digging further down, web development encompasses web content, web designing, client & server side scripting, network security, e-commerce development and client liaison. Fundamentally web development for professionals refers to mainly the non-designing aspects of website building i.e. writing markup & coding. There is an endless list of web development tools that exists, let’s have a glance on 5 of the most significant ones.


This is actually a CSS Pre-processor, which is easy to understand and consist of syntax which are simple & straightforward. In the case of big projects, CSS becomes difficult to handle and that’s where CSS Pre-processor plays its role. It facilitates writing CSS in programming trend along with functions & variables included. These writings can then be compiled & converted to browser-compliant CSS format. Another advantage of CSS properties been that they can be reused when implemented with special rules i.e. @include or @extend and so on. Other than LESS, other CSS Pre-processors are Sass, Stylus, Myth, etc.

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It is basically a Task Runner, which is used to automate few most repetitive actions such as Compilation, Minification, Linting, Concatenating Files, Browser Refreshing and Testing in the process of a website building.  For instance, if LESS files are to be compiled into CSS, then grunt-contrib-less can be installed and can be automated to do the task. Another advantage of a Task Runner like Grunt is that it very well streamlines the workflow of a tiring project.

uKit Website Builder

This web development tool is of immense use for start-up organizations searching for a place to promote themselves in the simplest & most efficient way possible. The tool offers a website creation platform with simple drag-n-drop interface permitting to choose the look and feel of the website. With the preview option, work done can be previewed & modified accordingly. The control panel of the tool comprises of Dashboard and Constructor and working modes i.e. the site page mode to modify the building blocks of the site and the design mode to customize the design of the site.


This application is utilized to create spontaneous, communicating prototypes for Android & iOS. This offers to outline an asset library swiftly. Besides being simple, Pixate’s every application is meticulously designed to be understood to their best. The live feed option of it permits to test & evaluate how a design is affected by various elements in real time.


This application is very handy to be utilized by frontend developers for coding websites along with applications for Photoshop, etc. One of the most significant aspects of Avocode is that it can be utilized to swiftly analyze a PSD or Sketch file and provides an enhanced & beautified designed UI along with offering a complete control in accordance with the SVG standards to export resources. Avocode offers almost everything required for coding, including design preview, all layers access along with asset export and all this will be available without the need of Photoshop or sketch.


Being present on the internet through a website makes a business exist globally. In today’s digital world, it is a necessity to have a website for an organization. With these easy to use web development tools with countless options, websites can be created very easily and can enhance the reputation and ultimately business of the company. The biggest benefit of having a quality web designing & development is that it sets a consistent brand identity for the firm. Apart from this, a well-developed website entices more consumers which enhance business prospects. Another significant advantage is that utilizing these web development tools will provide a distinctive touch to the website which distinguish an organization from its competitors. With continuous advancement in the web development tools, businesses utilizing these tools can be updated with the latest website designing & development that assists in ensuring a reliability among clients and a standard brand image.

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