With the growth of information, data has an important part to play for the growth of business across all industries. This has led to a huge demand for skilled professionals in the area and you can have a great career ahead with a certification in data analytics. If you want to know more about data analytics and what are the benefits of getting a certification, read on…

What is Data Analytics?

According to Wikipedia, “Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.” In simple terms, data analytics can be said to be a set of activities which are performed on a data set in order to extract meaningful information from that data.

Nowadays, businesses have a lot of data in their hands and with the right tools, they can understand various aspects of their business, market, customers and other insights. With these insights, they can make the right decisions in every stage so as to keep the risks at minimum and revenues at maximum. Data analytics can further improve the innovativeness of the products offered so that businesses can keep up with the buyer’s market, which is more prevalent in the current times.

What are the Applications of Data Analytics?

Data analytics have seen a lot of potential for various applications within a short span of time and is now considered a sine quo non part of many organisations. Some of the prominent applications of data analytics are:

  • Marketing, advertising and sales – Having a large data set of consumers or customers is good but if you cannot get any meaningful information out of it, it is meaningless. This is where data analytics comes into play. You get to understand a lot about consumer behaviour and their buying patterns with the help of data analytics. With the customer insights, you can offer recommended services or advertise products that they are highly likely to buy, resulting in better sales.
  • Social security – Keeping tab with every crime being committed is a tough task for professionals who are responsible with maintaining the security of a society. However, police organisations can take the help of data analytics to understand the crime rate in terms of place, time, etc.
  • Fraud and risk detection – Banks can suffer from huge losses if there isn’t any system to check fraud and defaulters. As these financial organisations already have good amount of data of their customers, they can use it to analyse if any of their customers are prone to default or even check if there’s any risk of fraud.
  • Education – Data analytics can play an important role in education. All students are not alike and each student has different learning ability. With the help of data analytics, educational institutes can come up with courses that are specific to a class, where the curriculum reflects on every student’s abilities.

There are various other applications of data analytics in areas like manufacturing, energy sector, government, healthcare and food processing.

What are the Benefits of a Data Analytics Certification?

Data Analytics is not just an attractive profile name, it also provides a lot of advantages in terms of career and salary benefits. Some of the reasons why should go for a data analytics certification are:

  • Plethora of opportunities – Data analytics is an evolving and growing field. Hence, the number of opportunities are growing rapidly as many organisations are looking to make data analysis a core part of their business functioning. If you have a certification, you can be at an advantage of standing out from the rest and get an opportunity to work with some of the big names.
  • Demand for skilled professionals – Though there might be huge opportunities in data analytics, the number of skilled professionals is not enough to meet the expectations of the organisations. That is why, if you have a certification, you can be among those elite skilled professionals and be in top of the game during any interviews.
  • High salary growth – The salary growth of certified professionals is usually higher than non-certified ones. Based on a Naukri Survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher. Thus, you can expect a better career growth as well.

What are the Top Certification Courses in Data Analytics?

Naukri Learning offers a variety of professional courses in data analytics which will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and techniques used. Following are some of the top courses and post graduate programs are:

There are other courses in data analytics which you can chose from according to your requirements and get a good chance of boosting your career.

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