What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing is a method of direct marketing in which a commercial or promotional message related to a product or service is sent to a group of people via an e-mail. Every single email sent to prospective leads is a part of email marketing. It encompasses shooting e-mails containing advertisements, business requests, sales, charity and it focuses on establishing loyalty, brand awareness and faith. Email marketing requires the database, to which the mails can be sent. This data can be of sold lists or an existing database of clients. This type of marketing is done with an aim to improve the organization’s relationship with its existing or prospective clients along with motivating customer loyalty for doing business again and acquiring new clients to go for products/services of an organization.

Some significant benefits of Email Marketing are as follows:

It enhances sales

Spreading awareness through e-mails provides an opportunity for clients to know more about products & services of the company, which in turn proceeds to promote sales & revenue generation.

 It prioritizes the business for clients

Sporadic or periodic reminders keep consumers updated about the new products & services or enhancement made in the existing ones. It is also an effective way to make customers aware of promotions & maintenance offers.

Maintaining regular reach

E-mail Marketing ensures a long term relationship establishment with clients. With the spontaneity provided by emails, an organization can ensure a followed purchase as a result.

 It assists in building trust

Informative and comprehensive emails to clients establish a trust in them that the organization is profound in the business and knows it in & out.

 It fosters a relationship with clients

Personalized emails to clients like wishes, customized offers, welcome mails and so on can make customers feel related and remembered.

Different kinds of emails that marketers sent to maintain relationships and grow their business:

Transactional emails

These are emails that confirm an action taken by the client. For instance, a purchased made online by a customer is always followed by a transactional email confirming the order and other specific details or joining an online course or web event is followed-up by a transactional email containing details to login in and other information. The most significant aspect of these emails is that they have a high Click-through Rate. Most of the clients click on the emails though multiple emails can discourage client to go for the transaction altogether.


These kind of emails contains many advantages over other emails. Primarily it promotes the brand and makes clients aware of an organization’s existence. It can also promote existing content of an organization as they can link up their popular content with these newsletters to get them read by the clients in order to enhance credibility. Third and equally important aspect is that these newsletters can be sent as a combination of distinct content. For instance, a single newsletter can contain a new offer, information about a new event and even a survey link.

Dedicated mails

These mails focuses on just one offer or promotion. An event specifically about a product or service can be promoted by dedicated mails. Dedicated mails have their own advantages. First & Foremost is that dedicated mails focus on one call of action which supports in driving outcomes specifically for that one offer or event. Furthermore, these mails are one of the easiest to design as they just have content about a single topic/product/service/event. Another significant feature of this mail is that by concentrating on one offer, it is easier to track the progress for that offer i.e. conversion rate, click-through rate along with leads generated.

Lead nurturing

 This type of email is basically a linked series of emails, each containing valuable content, and all these mails being in coherence. Lead nurturing sends automated emails after fixed intervals so as to generate fresh leads from time to time. Moreover, lead nurturing mails are targeted & focused hence, generates much more outcome than mass emails.


These kind of emails contains links & lists. For instance, a blog post accumulates notifications about articles published in a specific time frame and sends and email containing links for the same.

Sponsorship emails: These emails are utilized for the new audience and generating fresh leads. Sponsorship emails, an organization has to pay for enclosure of their copy with some other vendor’s email.

Few of the most popular Email Marketing tools are:

  • Mailchimp
  • AWeber
  • VerticalResponse
  • GetResponse
  • ReachMail

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