Working in an unsatisfying job can significantly diminish your happiness, efficiency, confidence and self-worth. Too often, you make career decisions based on opportunities and/or your past experiences. If you majored in Economics, for example, odds are good that you will pursue a career in finances, even if you have no passion left for the same. Over time, this can increasingly make it hard for you to notice and build upon other strengths or talents.

Today, people are increasingly defining themselves by their line of work. And it’s no surprise that career contentment has become an important forecaster of their overall happiness. If you are plugging away for close to 50 hours a week at a job you loathe, it is hard to find motivation and energy for anything else. On the contrary, if you love what you do then you often find yourself content, energized and brimming with fresh ideas.

A huge part of career contentment comes from loving what you do and doing what you love! A job that allows you to do something that you are naturally good at is what drives your passion at work. But the key question is how to arrive at what you are inherently good at? One way of finding that is through career aptitude tests. It gives you an interesting look at yourself, telling you about what interests you and stimulates you. In addition, it also gives suggestions for particular careers that are well-matched and most suited to you. The answers may validate what you know already or unlock fresh vistas to explore. But aptitude tests are not prophetic; they do not forecast your future! But as you grow, your mind evolves too and desires to explore more avenues. It is then that aptitude tests unwrap a new book for you, giving you new ideas on how to fill up the empty pages.


Why Aptitude tests?


Aptitude is a significant part of any career. You might adore math, but if you are not good at it, it is highly doubtful that you will succeed in a career related to same. Likewise, you may have aptitudes that you are not even aware of. Thus these tests measure not only your interests, but also your aptitude as per your education and your own revelation of your strengths and weaknesses. This allows the test to make much stronger suggestions than something which measures only aptitude and interests.

Aptitude Tests can help you understand your job options better no matter what stage of your career you are at. If you are a fresher who is on the threshold of your career, it might help you in choosing classes, majors or internships. And if your career is already established, it might help you decide if it’s time to switch careers or make some changes in your current one.


Is this test actually for me?


You spend so much time thinking about things that happen on the outside – it’s time to actually figure out what’s going on inside. You can take this test if

  • You want to know your personality, strengths and weaknesses
  • You want to map your skills to the right job
  • You are simply inquisitive


Aptitude Tests online:


Aptitude tests or Self assessment are accessible online and a lot of them can be taken free of cost. They are available for several job profiles and can help aspirants planning to pursue different careers. The tests are designed to gauge your innate talents, those inherent abilities that make it easier for you to do certain things. You can take these quick tests online and see results instantly on completion.

Remember- Like all online psychology tests, Aptitude Tests rely solely on your testimony, so it is imperative that you answer candidly. The tests are all about what you have already. The idea is to throw a light on your strengths and show you a course in which they can become your greatest assets.

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