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A Brand New
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With more than 6 cr. jobseekers on Naukri, India’s largest jobseeker platform helps you reach your next best hire faster using the advanced AI & Machine Learning algorithms.

Core Benefits of Job Posting

New Improved UI


Smart & Intuitive
User Interface


New Features / Filters
Help Post Jobs Quickly

Advanced AI


Advanced AI Promotes
Job to Right Candidates


AI-Powered Star Rating
Filters Out Irrelevant Applies

New Improved UI


1Smart & Intuitive User Interface

  • A smart and dynamic Job posting interface that helps you post your jobs with absolute ease

2New features / filters Help Post Jobs Quickly

  • Use filters such as prefill from previous jobs, import JD, and JD
    suggestions to post job in fraction of seconds.
  • Just mention JD and fields such as functional area, industry and
    role will be automatically prefilled.
  • Mention must have skills to make your job visible to relevant
  • Flesh out unnecessary applicants with use of college filters,
    questionnaires and personalised application filters.

Advanced AI

Unmatched Reach on India’s Largest, Most Engaged, and Diverse Recruitment Platform

With millions of jobseekers’ & recruiters’ actions happening daily on the platform, there is an enormous amount of data getting generated which Naukri is leveraging to power AI/ML in Job Posting. Let’s see how…

With Naukri AI

We understand
your Job

We understand
Jobseekers’/ Applicants

We understand
Jobseekers’ Actions

We understand
your Company & similar
other Companies

3Advanced AI promotes your job to the right candidates

With Naukri AI, your job gets highlighted to the right candidates (both active and passive) through candidates’ search results, job recommendations, job alert mailers and notifications.

Different Job Postings for Different Hiring Needs

Hot Vacancy | Classified

Post Your Job Quickly with A User-friendly Interface

With the flexibility to prefill from previous jobs, import job descriptions in a click, and create a JD from scratch with smart suggestions, now post jobs in fraction of seconds and save time.

Get The Best Talent through Smart Matching

Questionnaires | PAF | College Filters

Flesh out unnecessary applicants upfront with use of questionnaires and personalised application filters.
Define your own list of premium colleges so that candidates from only these colleges will be marked as matching.

4Improved Applicant Relevance Score (ARS) & Star Rating filters out irrelevant applies

Our improved AI and machine learning algorithms rate every single apply on a scale of 1-5 based on their relevance to your job to provide only the best applies in your inbox.

Siddharth Sharma Content Writer

4 - 5 Yrs 6 - 7 Lacs

Medha Godbole Content Writer

5 - 7 Yrs 7 - 9 Lacs

Prakash Kumar Content Writer

4 - 5 Yrs 6 - 7 Lacs

5Automatic Candidate Recommendations from Resdex

With Naukri AI, you don’t have to wait for applications anymore. Get instant relevant candidate recommendations as soon as you post your job on Naukri provided you have Resdex subscription.

Boost Your Job and Stand Out

Get your job on top of the search page with Naukri Featured Listings (NFL). Make your job stand out by adding logos, pictures & presentations. Share your job post on social media in a click

Other Benefits

Job Posting Variants for
All Hiring Needs

Choose between Hot Vacancy (Advanced Job Posting) and Classified (Basic Job Posting) options to fulfil your hiring needs.

Better Visibility for Your Job
to Attract Talent

Get your job on top of the search page, add logos and pictures to make it stand out and share it on social media in a click.

A Few of Our Delighted Customers

Our team was facing huge productivity loss due to overflowing email inboxes, manual job postings on multiple job boards, manual sorting of resumes, screening of applicants, aligning of interviews with clients and making multiple dashboards for internal and client review. However, we have been able to address all these issues post implementation of Naukri RMS. RMS has helped us give discipline to entire work by restructuring our database, enabling job board integration etc. It has been instrumental in providing better candidate experience and enabling better communication & relationship building. Good job by RMS team and looking forward to constant improvement in RMS to support us further.

Manoj SharmaCEO
Huquo Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

We are keen to help you evolve your recruitment process

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