Dinesh Kumar Plant HR

Dinesh Kumar

Plant HR

Currently associated with Hero Steels Ltd., Looking after all domains of HR in a Plant. Previously worked as an Asst. Manager Corp HR with SEL Manufacturing Co. Ltd in. I am an MBA & BSC (PCM) from Himachal Pradesh University.

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Candidates I have hired / interviewed in the past

Surinder Sood

Hired as Assistant Manager at Monte Carlo in 2005

Ramesh Singh

Interviewed for Store Executive at CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd. in 2008

Surinder Sood

Interviewed for Assistant Manager at Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd. in 2005


Hired as Account Assistant at OXY LINE BEVERAGES PRIVATE LIMTIED in 2015

Veeru Rani

Hired as Accounts Executive at MGK Hydralics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. in 2017


Hired as Office Assistant Computer Operator and making balance sheets and Audit reports at M P Goyal and Co. in 2016

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