Imagine a situation where you get up every morning, smile, stay charged, feel inspired, and safe at work.

After a long day, once you are back home, you feel relaxed, fulfilled, and happy.

The above situation is a vision of a visionary thinker, trained ethnographer, and third-most-popular Ted speaker - Simon Sinek.

He is also the author of 5 books including a global bestseller book called “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.”

But for most of us, the above reality is different!

Around 89% of the Indian population is suffering from stress (as per research by Cigna TT, a health insurance company).

The report also highlights two major issues of stress - work and finances.

So, we all are enduring some sort of stress, the level could be different depending upon the situations.

Now the question is how to overcome work stress and unlock some new career and growth opportunities, which otherwise many professionals oversee due to existing pressure, tensions, and stress.

In such a case, a dedicated stress management course can help you clear up clogs in your career progression.

Below is the list of some of the most popular stress management courses to keep you away from anxiety and make your work productive.

List of 10 best stress management courses

1. A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment by ISB at Coursera

This professional online course offered by ISB talks about how to stay happy by overcoming the “7 Deadly Happiness Sins".

It is also included among the best stress management courses because the more you learn to stay happy, the better stress-free life you will have.

Further, this course also directs its users towards living a life that is not intoxicant and fueled with sorrows.

The course content is developed and delivered by Prof. Raj Raghunathan who is also famous by the name “Dr. Happy-smarts” and is the author of a very famous book “If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?”.

His unparalleled skills include psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral decision theory which are clearly highlighted in his deliveries.

Course Duration- Approx. 35 hours
Rating- 4.8 stars

2. Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress at Udemy

This bundle of course by Udemy is primarily designed for those who are overburdened and always feel stressed.

It also throws lights on different sources of stress and types of stressors.

These inputs help you to practically train your brains with the right insights and strategies that work in stress.

It is exclusively delivered by Gregory Caremans who is a psychologist, former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism, and a vet in neurocognitive and behavioral approach.

Course Duration- Approx. 1 hour
Rating- 4.5 stars

3. Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence by Case Western Reserve University at Coursera

The more experience, responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities you hold, the possibilities are high you must have higher stress levels and work pressures.

Also, when managing a team or a business, you are responsible for handling people, their problems, and their work issues.

In such situations, it becomes imperative for you to own the skill of emotional intelligence and carry resonant relationships around you, which ultimately leads to a healthy and stress-free environment.

Thus, to help you master the skill, an Ohio based Case Western Reserve University brings you a flagship course that works like an “Antidote to Chronic Stress” and at the same time links Emotional Intelligence with leadership.

Course Duration- Approx. 31 hours
Rating- 4.7 stars

4. Converting Challenges into Opportunities by University of California San Diego at Coursera

Workplace is full of new challenges, some may enjoy these challenges but for a majority, it turns out to be a primary reason for stress.

Thus, this course will help you in leveraging the power of thinking and analyzing without taking stress and pressure.

It will also boost your confidence to deploy scientific research methods and creative techniques to overcome the challenges.

Course Duration- Approx. 7 hours
Rating- 4.5 stars

5. The Stress Detox: Reduce Stress and Burnout In The Workplace at Udemy

This exciting course revolves around identifying stressors and optimizing the stress.

Its constructive approach drives you towards physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing so that you can keep the roadblocking stress aside and climb on the ladder of success.

Also, it covers a session on behavioral symptoms of stress, and in the end, it outlines an action plan for individuals who find themselves messed up with excessive stress.

Course Duration - Approx. 1 hour
Rating - 4.4 stars

6. Stress Management - Techniques for Coping with Stress at Alison

Coping up with stress is also a stressful job. Thus, to help you with the right techniques, Alison presents an unique and informative stress management certification course.

From relaxation techniques, autogenic training imagery, and progressive relaxation to DIY stress management strategies and cognitive coping skills, this course is really helpful for thousands of professionals.

Course Duration- Approx. 3 hour
Rating- 4.1 stars

7. Stress Management - For Relief From The Stress of Work & Life at Alison

Both work and personal life stress are equally harmful and thus if you are looking for mental peace and serenity, this course will work as a long term stress buster.

Course Duration- Approx. 2 hour
Rating- 4 stars

8. Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress at Work by the University of California, Berkeley at edX

For all those professionals who feel overstressed, the Berkeley University of California at edX brings this unique preposition course.

It covers some of the most unique and research-based strategies to plummet the causes of stress.

It’s mindfulness programs delivered by Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, the two proficient faculties from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center encourages a lot of professionals in living a stress-free life.

Course Duration- Approx. 4 weeks
Ratings- 4.8 stars

9. Stress Management by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and NPTEL at Swayam

This stress management course is offered by IIT Kharagpur which covers healthy and proven techniques to efficiently deal and overcome with stress and its adverse situations.

It also covers cognitive skills and some relaxation strategies that can help you curtail different levels of stress.

Also, the course instructor Prof. Rajlakshmi Guha - an Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur talks in detail about scientific reasons which result in higher stress levels and how to develop resilience to stress.

She also mentions the Fight or Flight response which was a term given in 1932 by Walter Cannon - a great Physiologist at Harvard Medical School.

Course Duration- 4 weeks
Rating- 4.2 Stars

10. Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence at Udemy

Decision making, team management, targets, disagreements, and workplace conflicts, are some of the root causes of stress at work.

Thus, if your stressor is in conflict, this conflict management course blended with emotional intelligence will help you burn out stress.

It is also helpful for those who eventually land up in a conflict just because they were stressed out due to some other reason.

Also, it minutely explains the concept of being assertive at the workplace which can save you from being aggressive or passive.

Course Duration- Approx. 3 hours
Rating- 4.4 Stars

The Parting Note
Stress is not a lifetime or incurable disease, it is just the cause of little hormonal fluctuations that can be controlled with practice and professional help.

Sign up for one of the above-mentioned stress management courses, include exercises in your daily workouts, talk to people by keeping egos and issues aside, and you will observe stress will get no soil, seeds, water, and fertilizers to grow.

All the best!

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