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Do you have a unique career experience, an inspirational success story, or an insightful career advice to share with the world?

Naukri is now welcoming domain experts, influencers, great thinkers, and storytellers, who need a platform to begin sharing their stories.

So, if you are someone who loves to share their stories, thoughts, interests, learnings, and experiences with others, our publishing platform will help you do just that!


Yes, you can now submit your original articles and get them published on our site!

We are looking for individuals with unique perspectives, fresh ideas, and highly insightful and engaging content in the professional/career space.

We are not interested in the commonplace and mundane information that can be easily found with a click of the mouse. This is a platform to SHARE YOUR STORIES, LEARNINGS, and EXPERIENCES with the world!

Why write for Naukri ?

Writing for a promising website like Naukri definitely has some perks!

  • Let's talk about numbers!? We have a growing user base of over 8 Million monthly users on Naukri. So, here is your chance to get your work seen by millions of people, actively interested in job and career advice.
  • You will get the chance to actively write for India's No. 1 job portal and share your unique voice and fresh ideas.

So, go ahead, express yourselves, and tell us your stories!

What can you write about ⌨️

We are open to read about anything and everything in the job, recruitment, career, and professional space. Our mission is to provide high quality content in the form of important stories and original ideas that genuinely brings value to our readers.

So, hit us up with your original and inspirational pieces! We are waiting!?

Some of the topics that you might be interested to write about could be - Your success story, professional learnings, career experiences and advice, interview stories and tips, workplace advice, or any other topic that falls under the domain. However, do not restrict yourself to these topics. We love creativity and uniqueness!

Submission guidelines ?

Before submitting your articles, read the following submission guidelines carefully.


  • Original: Submit original content only. We also accept articles that have been already published somewhere else. However, the article(s) must be your original work.
  • Useful: Submit useful, informative, and highly relevant content that adds value to the user's knowledge.
  • High-quality: The article must be well-researched, thoroughly proof-read, and error free.
  • Length: Our articles are anywhere between 700-4000 words long, depending on the subject complexity. An ideal post is 1200-1500 words long.


  • If an article is aimed at promoting a website or brand, it will be rejected. We do not accept biased and affiliate based articles.

  • Vague and surface level articles that do not help the user in any way will be rejected.

Articles submitted MUST meet all of the requirements in order to be considered.


  1. We will review your articles and publish them on our website, provided they meet all our submission and content guidelines.
  2. We reserve the right to reject articles submitted without providing reasons. As we receive a large volume of submissions, it is not possible for us to provide feedback on individual articles.
  3. We reserve the right to make basic edits or rephrase sections of your article to improve its readability, if necessary.

Content guidelines ?

Read and follow the given content guidelines to increase your chances of getting published.

General content guidelines

  • Do NOT copy content. Plagiarised content is a strict NO.
  • Run the content through tools like Grammarly so as to ensure there are no grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!
  • Ensure that the blog is fun to read and does not get boring! :)

Content quality guidelines

  • The first paragraph is really important and should be catchy. Keep it very short and crisp.
  • Break long blocks of texts in paragraphs for easy understanding. Basically, write relevant and short sentences in simple English.
  • The article(s) MUST be well-researched, insightful, exhaustive, and comprehensive.

How to submit your post ?

Ready to write for us? Here are 2 options to submit your post.


  • Email us at guestpostnaukri@gmail.com. Make sure to have "Guest Post for Naukri" in the subject line. Article attachments MUST be in the form of Word Document only. ?

We look forward to reading your posts.

Happy Writing! ?

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