How would the world look like 5, 10, or 15 years from now? Well, indeed no one can predict.

Monitoring the changing pattern of technological usage & growth can pretty much help in understanding how the professional world may change in future.

A career you may want to pursue or a career you already have may shape up to be quite a boom in years to come.

In this blog, we shall shed some light on in-demand careers which we believe shall grow in years to come.

1. Health Sector

We all know how the pandemic has shaped our planet & humanity.

Due to the pandemic, government is stressing upon spending more on health infrastructure to deal with any eventualities in the future.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc all shall be in great demand in years to come. Having a relevant career in health care demands precise degrees & certifications.

These shall be pursued from an early stage.

As per report by IBEF, Indian government aims to increase healthcare spending to 3% of the GDP by 2022.

Mergers & acquisitions deals in the healthcare sector had jumped by a record of 155% in FY19.

The future seems bright here!

2. Back End Developer

Technological advancement has led to exponential growth in the use of mobile applications on daily basis.

Behind the development of every mobile application, the whole process of maintaining & structuring the technology which is visible to the user on the front end is the job of a back end developer.

As per statistics mentioned by Upgrad, It is predicted that there will be more than 1.4 million computing jobs available by the end of 2020.

3. Banking

The banking sector is considered the backbone of any economy. With constant effort to devise revival plans for the Indian economy amidst the pandemic, the banking sector shall have quite a large share in modern-day India post pandemic.

As per a report by IBEF, here are a few points that indicate the growth of the banking sector in India.

  • The Indian banking system consists of 20 public sector banks, 22 private sector banks, 44 foreign banks, 44 regional rural banks.

  • India also has 1,542 urban cooperative banks, and 94,384 rural cooperative banks in addition to cooperative credit institutions.

  • As of January 31, 2020, the total number of ATMs in India increased to 210,263 and is further expected to increase to 407,000 by 2021.

  • India’s digital lending stood at US$ 75 billion in FY18 and is estimated to reach US$ 1 trillion by FY23 driven by the five-fold increase in digital disbursements.

4. Information Technology

Information technology is the lifeline of the modern era. Can you imagine a life without a smartphone & computers? Indeed no one can in modern times.

Information technology has grown ten folds for a few years & is constantly growing.

Why is information technology an in-demand career in the future? Here is why,

As per an article published in financial express, The IT and BPM industry contributes to 7.9 percent of India’s GDP and employs around 41 lakh professionals.

  • Currently approx 31,922 registered Information Technology (IT) companies are functioning in the country.

  • India BPO Promotion Scheme (IBPS) incentivizes setting up of 48,300 seats BPO/ITES operations by providing financial support up to Rs. 1 lakh per seat.

5. Alternate Energy

The resources we use presently as our major fuels shall perish in years to come. This is a fact which is realized by the government & alternate options are been constantly looked upon.

Be a step further & do your research from a recognized university. This shall brighten up your chances for a better career with central or state government agencies.

6. Digital Marketing

Who knew 10 years back, a career such a digital marketing shall take the world by storm?

Replacing traditional marketing patterns, digital marketing has been successful in finding digital space & visibility for brands to expand their presence.

A career that is here to stay.

According to MDT, In the last 2 years, it has skyrocketed similarly to the term social media has equally hiked.

  • 40% of today’s businesses depend entirely on digital marketing.

  • It is estimated that more than 90% of businesses will go digital.

  • The Digital Advertising industry currently stands at INR 255 Billion marks (As of 2020). It is estimated that digital marketing shall provide 20 lakh jobs by end of 2020.

7. Content Creation

Since most of the business is online, every business wants to create a buzz in that space. How can they do it digitally? Well, the answer is by creating out of the box, yet quality content.

Writing blogs, whitepapers, website content, newsletter, etc is the need of an hour for every company.

Content creators shall always be in demand even in the future. The digital stages of marketing shall always grow & thus the need of content creators shall always be in demand.

8. Machine Learning

Ever wondered how do those shoes you were looking for on an e-commerce site pop up on your Facebook window? Well, don’t be surprised, it’s all artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is simply a process wherein machines are designed to perceive things more humanly & intelligently.

These days virtual assistance such as Siri, Alexa, etc all are a product of artificial learning & machine learning.

Machine learning is the future of technology.

The growth of machine learning in near future is inevitable & shows all signs of upward growth.

9. Robotics

Research by Gartner stated, by 2025 almost 30% of human-based jobs shall be replaced by robots.

Rings an alarm? Well, this is the future.

To have a great future, be part of a growing future.

In India, the industrial robotics market is believed to grow to $46 billion in 2020.

In India, the pace of growth in robotics is comparatively slow, however, it's picking up pace & in years to come it shall be at its boom.

10. Cyber Security

The growing trend of online banking, transactions, data storage etc, has left the user vulnerable to fraud or cybercrimes.

This has given rise to demand of cyber security experts.

Nasscom states that by end of 2020, India shall need more than 1 million cybersecurity jobs. The demand is indeed on the rise.

With the growth of modern-day banking & inducing technology in the banking sector, cybersecurity has gained all the most priority in India, as well as other countries.

The world is changing & so are careers. Make sure you choose the right career for a better future.

Best of luck!

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