Modern-day job market demands much more than mere technical knowledge.

You may be good with what you have learned but till the time you are not a people's person, all is in vain.

Professionally speaking, the right skill & right temperament go hand in hand.

If you are a fresher & intend to find a perfect job for yourself, soft skills have a much bigger role to play than you think.

In this blog, we shall discuss the 10 most important soft skills required as a fresher to find a perfect job.

So let’s get started!

What are soft skills?

If we search the word “soft skills”, definition wise it is defined as specific character traits & interpersonal skills which have an impact in shaping person’s relationships.

However, this is the bookish version of it.

In simple words, soft skills are referred to as positive interpersonal qualities that help a person develop & maintain a healthy relationship with family, friends, colleagues, or team members.

Let’s take an example of Mr. X & Mr. Y.

Mr. X always listens patiently to his teammates & helps them to find solutions to their problems whereas Mr. Y does not give an ear to such problems & believes in solving his problems at the earliest even if his teammates are in trouble.

Mr. X is proactive in taking lead in projects, analyzing problems & critically finding solutions. Mr. Y on the other hand, always shy’s away from any extra work & stresses over small troubles which might arise during a project, thus leading the whole team to failure.

Well, have your pick. Who do you want to be, Mr. X or Mr. Y?

10 must-have soft skills for every fresher

Here is a list of 10 must-have soft skills for every fresher to find a perfect job.


You may be great with your work, but everything can’t be done alone. One for all, all for one is the mantra that shall take you far in your professional life.


Teamwork is important because success & failure of a project depends purely on the collective effort of a team & not on individual basis.

You may have performed extremely well, but if your team lacks behind all your effort shall go in vain.


  • Be approachable for your team.
  • Be patient in understanding & hearing problems of teammates.
  • Be responsive if someone asks for help.
  • Be proactive in helping your teammates.

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Well, communication is the strongest skill which every professional should & must master.

A good working environment stresses the need for healthy communication.

Ever heard of a successful campaign without a brief?

Well, there is a reason for it & that reason is clear communication of what needs to be achieved.

Professionally, communication sets the base for people to understand you at your workplace & create a perception about you.

It sets in the ease to approach you in times of need.


Communication is the single most effective tool to boost productivity within a company. Teams that communicate better, are much productive.

Every employer looks for candidates who have a great command over communication.

As a fresher, it’s important that you have a stronghold on communication to find a perfect job for yourself.


  • Develop a skill of presentation.
  • Practice speaking clearly in front of the mirror.
  • Be a public speaker.

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Is there something which makes you go that extra mile in life? What pushes you to work that extra hour to finish your work on time? Being motivated is a must for every fresher looking for a job out there.

When the boss is around, everyone works to their best caliber, however, what makes you stand apart is a work-on-your-own attitude.

This ability showcases commitment & zeal to work hard & this is exactly what every employer wants.


A motivated professional demonstrates commitment, ambition & positivity to work without round the clock supervision.

This shall always have a role to play in your progress professionally.


  • Find your interest related job.
  • Prioritize work projects & associate deadlines for completion.
  • Ensure that you never miss the deadline.


Usually, people think leadership means to handle other people & pass orders. However, it’s much more than that. Leadership is a skill that cannot be learned or taught, people are born with it.

Leadership quality at workplace is wherein an employee proactively takes charge of projects & find solutions to problems that may arise.

A leader inspires people to go beyond the normal.

As a fresher, you should always have a positive approach & skill towards decoding critical problems.

A clear thought out strategy to achieve a goal is what shall get your teammates onboard than random hit & trials.


Professional growth in a company is directly proportional to how successful you are in tasks assigned to you.

Leadership quality not only brings out your capability but also highlights your want to achieve much more in your career. This hardly goes unnoticed with your employer.


  • Be approachable to your teammates.
  • Give a helping hand to your peers.
  • Be proactive in taking charge of tasks that may not necessarily be in your job duty.

5.Problem Solving Ability

As a fresher, ability to decode a problem & find an apt solution is a need of an hour.

You cannot foresee what may come once you join an organization, but a rare ability to solve such problems at the earliest can come quite handy.

Rather than sitting & crying over a problem, it’s important to take concrete steps to solve such issues.

Believe me, it’s much more effective than just sitting there.


Problem-solving is critical. Most companies expect their employees to solve problems at the earliest as these problems may have financial or reputation impact on the company.

Thus having a problem-solving ability is what every employer looks in a job seeker.


  • Analyze problems & look for all possible solutions.
  • Do not panic while dealing with problems.
  • Research well on all possible solutions.
  • Take opinions wherever required.

6.Be Responsible

This ability is something that is expected out of every adult.

However, professionally a perfect candidate must have a trait of accepting all responsibility of tasks assigned to him/her.

Employees who tend to refrain from taking responsibility for their work or have a habit of pointing blame on others usually tend to be less productive.


Every employer wants someone who rather than giving explanations, gives solutions. This saves time & effort.


  • Be prepared to accept the success or failure of tasks assigned.
  • Plan your tasks in detail.
  • Try to plan for any eventualities.


Taking right decisions in quick duration is what every employer seeks in a candidate.

In modern day fast running world, time is money & any delay in completion of work due to indecisiveness can have serious impact on the revenue & repuatation.


Indecisiveness can lead to delays or loss of revenue, indeed no employer wants that to happen.

Quick decisions can save time, effort & reputation at times.


  • Be a quick thinker.
  • Be confident about your decisions.
  • Find the grass root of the problem to eliminate it for the future as well.

8.Ability to adapt

Things will not always go your way. There will be times when everything will look bleak, but rather than frowning on it, it’s important that you should try ways to get things right.

Being able to adapt is a skill that every organization expects its employees to have.

Change in shift timings, changed work schedule, long hours in an office, any such thing may come in a professional workplace, but an ability to adapt to it is a must.


Companies cannot guarantee a routine shift all the time or fixed working hours.

There shall be times wherein an employer expects employees to have different shifts or spend extra hours in the office.

Employees need to be open to such changes to grow professionally.


  • Have an open mind to changes.
  • Be flexible.
  • Find positivity in change.

9.Time management

The clock would always tick, what matters is how you sync with it. Time is the greatest asset for organizations around the world.

It is a sign of commitment for organizations. Meeting a deadline is a word that needs to be kept to maintain a reputation in the market.

Time management is usually related to working under pressure to finish tasks on a pre-assigned deadline.

Working under pressure may trigger errors on the employee’s part, however an ability to work without errors & on time is what every employer looks for in a candidate.


Managing time is an ability that requires efficient organizing skills to ensure timely delivery of tasks.

This ability is the key to organize work, tasks & prioritize them accordingly, which in the future helps in organizing much bigger projects & roles.


  • Keep a diary or organizer to prioritize daily work.
  • Assign deadlines & make an action plan to complete work on time.
  • Prioritize tasks as per their deadlines.

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10.Conflict Resolution

In a team of many, opinions will differ. Accepting the opinion of each team member may not always be possible, but this might upset a lot of people.

One of the key skills while dealing with people is the ability to solve conflicts.

Conflicts within a team can only be resolved when you share a rapport with the teammates.

The stronger the rapport, chances are quicker the conflict can be resolved.


Conflicts within teams may affect the productivity of the team.

This may also lead to much bigger problems in the future for an employer.

Thus every employer wants a candidate who can resolve conflicts at an initial phase.


  • Develop a rapport with your team.
  • Make sure conflicts are resolved at the initial phase within the team.

As a fresher, we highly recommend you do your best to master the above-mentioned soft skills as many as you can.

In the modern professional world, such things shall brighten your chances of getting a perfect job as a fresher.

Best of luck!

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