Taking a new job is always thrilling and a great feeling.

The excitement of meeting new people (of course virtually during these days!), accepting new work roles, meeting new targets and a lot more comes as a mixed feeling.

There could be several reasons for you to look out for new job opportunities during COVID-19, but it is important to consider some key factors when you are planning to take a new job.

Before you decide to make a bold career move during these times, here are some useful tips and action points to consider for making the right career decision.

1. Evaluate the reasons for switching job

What has made you hunt for a new job is something you should be clear in your head.

Are you looking for better career prospects, a better hike, role or a better work location?

Make your final decision by keeping your reasons in mind so that you do not regret your decisions later.

Evaluating your reasons at the beginning of your job search helps you to stay focused and significantly narrow down your search accordingly.

Make a list of these factors and look for companies and job offers that meet your new requirements.

2. Analyze your values to make a job decision

Analyze the core values that will keep you satisfied and happy in a job.

Understanding your values and how well they align with a company’s values and cultures keeps you satisfied and engaged in the long-run.

You can easily get an idea about a company’s values, missions, and culture on its website and online profiles.

Give it a brief look to gain more clarity.

3. Understand the job role

It is enticing to grab a new job opportunity during a tough job market, but it is also critical to evaluate the job offer.

Make sure you understand the job description completely before making any choice.

Never hesitate to clarify from the hiring manager if you are not clear about your job duties, company’s culture, or other job details.

Asking such questions helps you decide if this is the right option for you to wait or explore other opportunities.

4. Understand the company’s status- advancement & growth opportunities

Your growth goes hand-in-hand with your company’s overall growth and business opportunities.

You would definitely not want to land yourself to a job where you feel stuck after a year in terms of personal growth and opportunities in case the company is not performing.

This situation becomes more critical when you are planning to join a start-up.

Therefore, before you make any random decision during a tough job market, give yourself some time to analyze all the possibilities and make an informed decision.

5. Connect with people and compare opportunities

Reach out to people in your connection to get reviews about a company you are planning to join.

You easily find a large online network of people working in a particular company to get some real-time feedback.

Word-of-mouth works well to understand the inside story of any company.

This exercise can also help you to get more relevant job opportunities from others.

As per Naukri JobSpeak June report, there is an uptick of 33% in recruitment activities in June’20 as compared to the last month, which is a good signal for job seekers.

Therefore, it is a good time for you to accelerate your job search, but in the right direction to get the best out of the competitive job scenario.

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All the best!

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Swati Srivastava

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