Getting the first break is always the hardest challenge for a fresher. The fogged knowledge of starting your job hunt, writing a resume, preparing for HR interview questions, and so on can be overwhelming to many.

The good news is that we have you covered!

Let’s start from the very beginning. In this blog, we will take you through the 6 most crucial tips for finding your first job in 2023.

  1. List the 3 things you are passionate about
  2. Research the shortlisted fields
  3. Make the best use of technology
  4. Apply for jobs even if you are not a 100% match
  5. Take the help of Naukri resume writing services
  6. Do not hold off career decisions till the last minute

List the 3 things you are passionate about

Identifying your strengths and area of interest is the first thing you must look into.

So, make a list of 3 things that you are passionate about, why, and what they can help you achieve professionally. This will help you to get clarity and pave the way to your next steps.

For example, if writing is your strong point and you want to pursue a career in Content writing, then you will know what skills to work on before/as you start applying for jobs.

The reason why we suggest that you find 3 passions is for your benefit as doing so will help you compare the fields and research the scope of growth and demand in each field.

You do not want to opt for a career field that might lose importance in the job market in the next few years.

You can check out the salary and other growth prospects for your choice of profession on AmbitionBox.

Research the shortlisted fields

Once you have identified the fields you are passionate about, your second step will be to research them thoroughly. Here are a few things for you to consider when researching;

  • The demand for the field in the country: which city has the highest demand
  • The primary skills required to navigate daily activities in those fields
  • Which companies are well known for their team related to your field
  • Research the company, its work culture, values, employee reviews, etc.

This information will help you get a clear picture of your plan of action and make sound decisions.

Things like Work culture, work-life balance, and career growth are critical aspects of your professional life, and extra critical in your initial years as it’s your learning years.

So, do not miss out on researching the companies.

Make the best use of technology

With the advancement of technology, you have more opportunities to tap into when you are trying to find your first job. Sign up on job search platforms like for verified companies and amazing career prospects.

You can also approach professionals to get first-hand information about their experience or seek mentorship. You can check out the “In Conversation With” series to read about professionals and their real-time experience working in their respective fields.

Apply for jobs even if you are not a 100% match

This is a common mistake most of us have made while looking for our first job. So, you look at a job description and the skill set does not match your profile completely. But the secret that no one tells you is that instead of not shying away, you must go ahead and apply!

It is alright to apply for a job where you don’t have a 100% match in skills, nobody ever does. Read the job description thoroughly and if the role interests you, go for it!

Take the help of Naukri resume writing services

Perfecting your resume is the secret sauce to getting noticed by a recruiter. Yet as a fresher, we have stumbled while drafting our first resume. Don’t worry, Naukri Resume writing services are here to save the day!

All you have to do is provide the basic information like education, name, etc. to the assigned resume writer and they will do their magic!

The professionals ensure that your resume ticks all the boxes as per the recruiter's demands, and the best thing is that you will be able to provide feedback to cater the document to your requirement.

You can also get an analysis of your resume from our professional resume writers via Resume Critique. They will tell you what can be improved, whether it will pass the ATS scan of recruiters, etc.

So, check out Naukri Resume writing services and take your chance of job application a notch higher.

Do not hold off career decisions till the last minute

This is the most important and repeated mistake committed by us as Freshers. We keep stalling our career decisions citing reasons like Semesters, Projects, holidays, etc.

Instead, start considering your career options post completing the first year. The reason for doing so is to ensure your final decision coincides with your final year of college.

Try your hands at a few career options via internships, and upskill accordingly side-by-side for your first job.

So, NEVER leave career decisions for the last minute. This will make you compromise on your choice of job.

Another factor is if your institution offers career counseling and campus placements, make the best use of these facilities (even if you have already bagged a job).

You never know if a better opportunity is awaiting around the corner.


To conclude, finding your first job is always the most critical part as your choices lay the foundation of your career journey.

If you feel you need to challenge yourself further then switching career fields is a great option.

However, ensure that the transition will add value to your career in terms of exposure and learning and not just monetarily.

We hope you have found these tips for finding a first job handy and easy to follow.

Read out more career and interview-related blogs on Naukri blog to prepare holistically to land your first job!

All the Best!

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