What is that one thing we have forever struggled with as working professionals? Work-life balance.

Now, with work from home being a mandate, the struggle has never felt more real.

Don’t worry, in this blog we shall take you through the ways you can manage and improve your work-life balance even when working remotely.

Let’s get started!

Strive for a realistic work-life balance

Let’s admit it, we all are guilty of cooking up a fairytale concept of work-life balance. Hence, the first step is to get a reality check.

Remember, every job demands a different amount of attention.

Also, now that everyone is confined within their homes, you can work as per your convenient timing.

So, identify these basic nitty-gritties and then design how you want to balance your work and personal life.

Prioritize your tasks correctly

It is very easy to be at a loss when prioritizing your tasks. Even more so, when you’re at home without any domestic help.

So, identifying at what time during the day you are most productive is your best option.

Keep that slot separate and dedicate it completely to your office work.

This leaves the rest of the hours free to help your partners, flatmates or family with household chores and also other activities.

Define your work hours

Now that you have sorted your best hours of completing work, ensure you stick to it.

Also, make it a habit to clock in when you sign in and sign out of work.

This will give you clarity on the number of hours you are working thereby helping you to make a calendar based on it.

Adding to it, this habit will also ensure that you can draw a line between work and personal life without any guilt.

Draw a boundary

There are times when work pops up way past the usual hours, disrupting your personal time. But if it becomes a habit, that’s the red signal for you.

Make it a point to log out of all your work accounts when you end your day.

This habit will ensure that your work-life doesn’t barge its way into your personal sphere.

Work and family both are equally important and one must not encroach upon the other and disturb the equilibrium.

Opt for social detox

We all are guilty of wasting time scrolling through social media pages, even more so since lockdown.

Not only so, unknowingly we get burdened by the social media pressure, bringing in negativity.

Therefore, it’s alright to take a break from all social media channels once in a while.

This will not only make you realize the amount of time that is wasted but will also leave a lot of extra time to utilize it correctly.

Take care of yourself

When the shutdown of fitness centers and house arrest are teamed together, the result can be quite a disaster.

Why? Because being forced to stay indoors 24X7 can lead to a negative impact on both the mind and body.

Your body is the only machine that allows you to produce great work. So, taking care of it is extremely important.

Try to begin your day with some home workouts. There are so many fitness applications and even YouTube videos that have made working out at home really easy.

Eat healthy. It’s understandable how our mind's trickery can make us reach out to those unhealthy junk foods.

It’s best to avoid it since what we eat has a greater impact on our health and mind.

So, drop that sack of excuses and take charge of your health!

Take this time to dedicate an equal amount of attention to your near and dear ones and your work.

If managed properly, there will be enough time to keep aside even for yourself, your personal and professional goals.

Hopefully, with these few tips and advice, you will be able to bring your work-life balance back in form.

Stay safe, stay healthy and definitely stay indoors!

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