1. Higher studies
  2. A job in your field
  3. Switch to entrepreneurship
  4. Give civil services a try
  5. Get into management
  6. Become an expert in upcoming technologies
  7. Indian Armed Forces

B. Tech is one of the most popular courses students take up after they graduate out of high school.

Most kids make up their mind when they reach class 11th because that’s when students need to make a decision and choose their stream of interest.

Once they pick up PCM or Science as their core subjects, the path leads to either medical sciences or B. Tech, the latter being the more popular out of the two.

If you’re a B. Tech fresher then you have more than one career path to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming, specially if you’re not sure what exactly you want to pursue.

Many of you may want to study further, switch your profile or maybe want to explore other options.

Worry not! I have compiled the possible career paths you can take as a B. Tech fresher and this comprehensive list will help you decide which path is good for you and where you should go from this point on in your career.

Let’s get cracking!

Higher studies

The first is the most obvious choice when you’re not sure what you should do after graduating; study more!

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the most prestigious exams which tests your knowledge of your undergraduate subjects.

Getting a great score on your GATE exam can help you land one of the best colleges in the country for a degree in M.Tech as most people choose to go for M.Tech after a B.Tech degree.

Or you can prepare for GRE if you wish to study abroad for your masters.

Studying and completing your M.Tech degree will expand your knowledge of engineering. An M.Tech is likely to turn you into a more knowledgeable, savvy and decorated engineer than ever before.

And Let’s not forget, doing a Masters degree will definitely be more lucrative in your career!

A job in your field

The most easy choice or the one commonly followed by most B.Tech graduates is to get a job in your field of specialisation.

So, if you graduate in computer science, find a job as a software engineer and so on.
The best way to land a job as a B.Tech fresher is sit during the campus placements but you can always look out for better options or options that you think will be better for your career.

And we’ll be more than happy to help you land that first job. Go to Naukri.com, create a profile and your details. Make sure you complete your profile as best as you can.

Find jobs as per your designation and apply to the openings that fit your education as well as aspirations !

Switch to entrepreneurship

If you feel that your knowledge of engineering can resolve issues of people then maybe entrepreneurship is something you should look at.

Many successful entrepreneurs are B.Tech graduates and you can be one too depending upon your innovation and ingenuity.

To start your entrepreneurial voyage, you need to find a problem that exists in our society and then provide a technological solution with the engineering skills that you’ve just acquired from your B. Tech course.

How Naukri helps job seekers and employers connect on our platform or how Paytm resolve the issue of cash scarcity, do something like that if that’s you. Solve a user centric problem!

You can find many guides online on how to start your entrepreneurial journey. But the most important aspect of it is the problem you will be solving.

Give civil services a try

If you feel that you need to change how the system is run in our country and have great ideas to make a difference, then civil services is something you can most definitely do after B.Tech.

Indian parents celebrate young kids cracking the UPSC exams and becoming an IAS, IPS etc. It’s a profession well respected in our society and comes with great benefits too.

But to get into civil services requires clearing the UPSC civil services exam which is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. So, make sure you’re ready to study very hard!

Get into management

If you want to switch from the technical background of engineering then getting into management is a great career path many choose after B.Tech.

To get into management the ideal path is to do an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) which can open the path to work in the management side of a business rather than technological side.

In order to get into an MBA college, you would need to clear the CAT (Common Aptitude Test); this will determine which college you can get into.

After completing your MBA, you will be able to pursue managerial roles in companies. Management is one of the highest paying careers in India.

So, it can be a great career path if you choose to pursue it.

Become an expert in upcoming technologies

There are several technologies which are not full fledged degree courses yet are one of the important upcoming technologies in the world.

A great career path is to pursue these technologies if you have the interest.

Doing a small course or certification can put you on the right path to gain expertise in such in demand skills.

Technologies such as BlockChain, AI, AR, Data Science and many more offer lucrative careers as well as the opportunity to work with the latest technologies in the world of tech.

The future of these technologies is bright as these industries are growing rapidly and require more and more people.

So getting into these technologies can be a great career path for you as a B.Tech fresher.

Indian Armed Forces

If you want to do something adventurous and completely different from the traditional career path of an engineer then join the Indian Armed Forces.

You can either get into the operations teams of Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army or as a B.Tech graduate get into the support group of engineers.

There are core branches of engineers that you can get into, these are - Corps of Engineers, Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, and Corps of Signals.

In conclusion, there are many career paths you can choose from as a B.Tech graduate. From pursuing higher studies, getting into management, becoming an expert to getting into civil services or Indian Armed Forces.

Whichever path you choose, make sure you research in detail about each path discussed in the piece before making a decision.

Good luck!

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